Limbo Returns To ‘Marvel Heroes’ With New Mystic Mayhem Event

Marvel Heroes seems to always have an event running, and for the next week, players have a new event to explore. Mystic Mayhem, a new event that takes players to Limbo, started today. Although it will run for a limited time, Mystic Mayhem is already planned to return often like the A.R.M.O.R. Incursion Event or the Operation Omega event.

For Mystic Mayhem, players are tasked with speaking with Magik in Xavier’s Mansion to get started. A portal between Earth and Limbo has opened and it is up to Marvel Heroes players to stop the invasion before it happens. Players can enter Limbo by visiting a waypoint, selecting challenges from the top, and clicking Infernal Limbo found at the bottom of the list.

“The Demon Lord N’astirh has opened a rift between Earth and Limbo. He is invading our world, causing mayhem, fear, and ruthless destruction. N’astirh has a purpose. He seeks to establish a permanent bridge between the two realms such that he may finally conquer Earth and all her citizens.”

Completing the “Strike on Limbo” mission will reward the hero with three more power points the first time they complete it. Players will need to take each character through the mission in order to receive points for each hero. Moreover, when logging in to Marvel Heroes during the event, players will receive a Mystic Mayhem Coffer with one of the following items inside. The coffer has a chance to have a unique item with a challenge bonus, a cosmic medallion, a cosmic team-up item, a Bloodstone Demonband Ring, a mayhem Demonblood Artifact, a Sharabus Neotum Artifact, or a small chance at an Ultimate Upgrade Token or a Random Costume.

The Mystic Mayhem event also has a limited number of Legendary Mystic Scrolls dropping anywhere in the game, the drop rate of 10-pack Eternity Splinters is doubled, Hero Tokens can drop anywhere in the game, rare runes are dropping at a tenfold rate, a 63 percent server side boost to experience, RIF, and SIF are also ongoing. Not to mention, bosses can drop Mystic Chests throughout the game, and invading demons can drop new items where they appear.

The in-game store also expanded with a new Mystic Mayhem mystery box. Like other mystery boxes this one is guaranteed to include a random hero or random costume. One-to-three random fortune cards are also guaranteed to be included in a box as well as a chance to randomly receive a new Magik Team-Up Variant, a Demon Eyes visual artifact, Limbo pets, and many boosts. The Mystic Mayhem box is 450 Gs apiece, 1,850 Gs for five boxes, or 3,500 Gs for ten boxes.

Marvel Heroes
Colossus and his Magik team-up in Marvel Heroes

Additionally, a number of bug fixes and minor character changes are also included in the Marvel Heroes patch. For example, Taskmaster’s Action! Power no longer needs spirit to use and Hawkeye’s Electric Arrow cannot pass through a destructible object. A full list of patch notes is, of course, listed on the official forums.

Have you tried out the Mystic Mayhem event in Marvel Heroes yet?

[Images via Gazillion Entertainment]