Jenelle Evans’ Lawyer Releases Statement Regarding ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Assault Arrest, Claims Evans Felt ‘Threatened’

Jenelle Evans’ lawyer has released a statement regarding yesterday’s arrest. Speaking to Us Weekly on August 21, just hours after the Teen Mom 2 star’s release from jail, Amy S. Lawrence gave details about the circumstances leading up to Jenelle Evans’ alleged assault on her former fiance, Nathan Griffith.

“It’s my understanding that Nathan was asked to come get some of his things and that [Jenelle Evans] would leave them at the end of the driveway so that there would be no need to have interaction between the two of them, and Jenelle had requested that he not bring his new girlfriend and he said that’s fine.”

Just days after Jenelle Evans announced she and Griffith had ended their engagement, Griffith revealed he was seeing someone new, a woman named Jessica Henry, and ever since then, he has been sharing regular photos of himself with Henry on social media. Meanwhile, Jenelle Evans, the mother of his one-year-old son, has been planning to move from South Carolina, where she and Griffith shared a home, to North Carolina, where her mother lives with her oldest son, Jace.

“[Jenelle Evans] was at the house and had just got Kaiser [the 13-month-old son the pair share] down for a nap, and looked out the window and she was with him. And so she called him and asked him to please leave and he hung up on her. And then he pulled in the driveway and so she walked out and she had a glass of ice water in her hand, and it’s my understanding that he got out and …. had a verbal altercation.”

Lawrence went on to tell Us Weekly that Griffith’s girlfriend began getting out of his car prior to the altercation, and, feeling “threatened” by Henry, Jenelle Evans threw water at her. As for how the drinking glass ultimately wound up in the equation, Lawrence claimed it was the “momentum” from Jenelle Evans’ water toss.

The Horry County Police Department in South Carolina, however, seemed to tell a different story, according to a prior Us Weekly report, alleging Henry “was assaulted by her boyfriend’s ex, who threw a drinking glass at her head, causing injury.”

While Lawrence’s account hinted that Jenelle Evans didn’t mean to assault Henry with a drinking glass, the police department’s records seem to show the cup was meant to be thrown. In addition, Lawrence claimed Henry retaliated against Jenelle Evans when she “picked up the glass and threw it at Jenelle,” but was not arrested.

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