'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Remake On The Way: What You Need To Know

Aric Mitchell

I Know What You Did Last Summer was one of the first films to capitalize on a rejuvenated slasher movie craze shortly after the original Scream dropped at the end of 1996.

Releasing just one year later, the shocker helped make stars of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., and, to a lesser degree, Ryan Phillippe. It also featured memorable turns from Johnny Galecki and Anne Heche, while giving fans a cool new horror icon that subsequent releases failed to capitalize on.

The original series burned out with I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer in 2006 after a laughably bad I Still Know... in 1998.

Still, go back to that first entry in the series, and it still holds up as a pretty solid slasher film. That means it was only a matter of time before someone decided to remake it, and that time is now.

In reality, Hollywood has been kicking around an IKWYDLS remake for at least a year. It was announced by Deadline in September, 2014.

But it's a good time to check in on it to see how things are moving along, and here's what the Inquisitr has managed to turn up from the files of IMDb.

Firstly, Mike Flanagan, the guy behind the film Oculus has been hired to write the script. No word on whether it will follow the 1997 film or Duncan's 1973 young adult novel more closely.

Breck Eisner, the guy behind Sahara, The Crazies, and Vin Diesel's upcoming The Last Witch Hunter is rumored to direct.

Josh Scott Bentley is the only confirmed star at this point, and he will be playing a character named Collin Finn.

For the lead role of Julie James (Hewitt in the '97 version), producers are reportedly looking at Lucy Hale, Victoria Justice, or Selena Gomez. Maika Monroe (from underrated thriller The Guest) was once under consideration, but no word on if that's still a possibility.

It's likely that the mystery fisherman look (see image above) will be held over for the second shot at I Know What You Did Last Summer as far as the killer is concerned, but given that MTV changed the look of the Ghostface Killer for its reboot of Scream for television, that isn't something you can take to the bank.

Any of the above starlets would be good candidates for a slasher movie destined for big box office profits, but only time will tell who takes the bait.

Will you be watching an I Know What You Did Last Summer remake, or are you about remaked out?

[Image via I Know What You Did Last Summer screen grab, 1997 original]