Megan Fox's Doppelganger Reaches 1.2 Million Instagram Followers

Move over, Megan Fox. Someone is trying to snatch both your crown and your identity. Former Miss BumBum contestant Claudia Alende is making a name for herself on the internet all because she resembles the former Transformers star.

Look through the photos of Claudia Alende and Megan Fox, and you'll have trouble telling them apart. This 20-year-old woman from Paraná, Brazil, is a spitting image of one of Hollywood's hottest actresses, and the world is taking notice. In numerous selfies, some would think that the Miss BumBum runner-up bears a striking resemblance to the equally striking and sexy Megan Fox.

Claudia Alende did not win the 2014 Miss BumBum competition. As previously reported via the Inquisitr, the raven-haired stunner lost out to winner Indiana Carvalh. That still hasn't stopped fans and the media from calling her "Miss BumBum" though.

Alende is not afraid to show a little skin, unlike Fox, who says that she looks "trashy" in lingerie. The beauty has reached 1.2 million Instagram followers because of it. Fox is not comfortable with posing in lingerie and blames her looks for it. The 29-year-old actress told W Magazine the reason why she hates stripping down for sexy photo shoots.

"There are some women you could put in underwear and photograph them, and it looks really classy and it doesn't necessarily provoke a pinup image. But with me it does, immediately, as soon as I'm in underwear."

Megan Fox's last racy photo shoot was in 2013 for Esquire magazine. As for Claudia, she shares numerous photos of herself in sexy lingerie and swimsuits, much to the delight of her fans. It's no wonder why she's received thousands of Instagram followers in the past week. Claudia will continue to make the news since Megan Fox is making headlines for her shocking divorce from Brian Austin Green.

According to the model's Instagram profile, she's never gone under the knife to look like Megan Fox or to alter her assets. But a recent report by NPR reveals that she did have plastic surgery simply because "everyone else was doing it." Claudia's never stated if she went under the knife to look like the sultry actress, but it appears that she wears light colored contact lenses to imitate Megan Fox's famous light blue eyes. The pageant contestant's first claim to fame was recreating Kim Kardashian's nude photo shoot for Paper magazine. Claudia also made headlines when she posed nude with an image of Virgin Mary for Easter.

Claudia Alende looks alike like Megan Fox. (Credit: Instagram)
Claudia Alende looks alike like Megan Fox. (Credit: Instagram)

Not only does Alende have millions of Instagram followers, but she also has over 200,000 likes on Facebook and 37,000 followers on Twitter. Alende is using her social media presence to promote numerous beauty and dieting products on her Instagram page, such as Fruiteatox detox tea and White Brite Smiles' home teeth whitening kit. It looks like this beauty is hoping to make some money off her 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Claudia Alende's social media presence is quickly catching up with Megan, who currently has 1.8 million Instagram followers due to her own looks and success. Claudia hopes to get as famous by having her own reality show, as previously reported via Uproxx.

The time of Alende's sudden social media fame is a bit coincidental. Everyone's talking about her because she looks like Megan Fox, who recently announced her split from actor Brian Austin Green.

[Image: Claudia Alende via Instagram]