Victoria Davis Murder: 5 Arrested In Attack On ‘Kind-Hearted’ Woman, Each Could Be Eligible For Death Penalty

Victoria Davis, a 24-year-old Fayetteville, Arkansas, woman, was the kind of person who would “bend over backwards to help you,” according to one of her neighbors.

She would frequently allow homeless people to stay at her house, a practice many would acknowledge as dangerous.

But when her body was found brutally beaten and left for dead on Wednesday at a nearby residence, it became horrifyingly clear that it wasn’t a stranger in her life that she should have feared.

Authorities have since arrested five individuals — three men, two women — in an attack that police are calling “extremely violent” and disturbing.

One of the individuals arrested was her husband, 27-year-old John Christopher Davis. Others involved were Rebecca Lloyd, 36, Mark Edward Chumley, 45, and Christopher Lee and Desire Treat, both 29.

All five could be charged with capital murder, a crime eligible for the death penalty in Arkansas.

While police are unclear on motive at this time, they suspect that Victoria Davis was planning to divorce her husband, NWA Online reports.

Their residence at 433 S. Hill Avenue in Fayetteville had garnered a reputation for being a house of horrors. Chumley and others staying at the residence were referred to as “bullies” by some of their terrified neighbors, one of whom said that she did not feel safe walking past the house alone and that “you always lock your doors” because of the “sketchy” people living at the residence.

Police suspect that all five of the individuals they have arrested contributed significantly to Davis’s death, noting in their report that Davis had admitted to “doping” up his wife late Wednesday night.

After doing so, police suspect that Davis and the four others used a blunt object to bludgeon Victoria to death.

Davis was reportedly the only one of the five who sustained any damage from the alleged assault, with the police report noting that he had wounds on his face. While on the way to receive medical attention, he “uttered multiple statements that implicated him in the death of the deceased female.”

In a separate report from 5NEWS, Davis reportedly said that several weapons were used in the assault, which occurred over a span of “hours.”

5NEWS also has a gallery showing four of the five suspects — all three men involved and Desire Treat. Rebecca Lloyd is not pictured.

What do you think, readers? Is capital murder a proper charge for all five if they are found to be responsible in the death of Victoria Davis?

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