‘Scream’ Spoilers: Do The Police Have The Killer In Custody?

Is it possible that the police have caught the right person with two episodes still left of Scream Season 1? (The fact that there are still episodes left suggests that the answer is no, or at least that there is a lot more going on than anyone has figured out just yet.) That is the question going into Episode 9, as the end of Episode 8 saw the cops make an arrest.

The evidence has seemingly been piling up against Mr. Branson, and even more was revealed about him in Scream Season 1 Episode 8. That malware Noah and Audrey found on his computer is really nothing once it was discovered a bloody knife hidden in the air vent in his classroom and that Mr. Seth Branson is really Mr. Seth Palmer – and, of course, there’s more. Brooke is not the first student with whom he has been involved, and last time, she ended up dead. That does not bode well for Brooke, who has managed to survive thus far, and it looked like she was going to meet the same fate as, after Seth went to investigate a noise in the auditorium while they were hooking up, the killer appeared, but fortunately for her, only her arm was slashed. Seth showed up again just in time for the police to burst in and arrest him.

But is Seth the Scream killer? He claimed that the reason he wasn’t there during the attack on Brooke was that he had been locked out and had to walk around. Yes, that is sketchy, but did he have enough time to stash the killer’s outfit and the knife?

If he isn’t the killer, he’s not helping his case with his “Hello, Emma,” at the beginning of the Scream Episode 9 promo posted by the International Business Times.

On the other hand, Brooke says that someone’s been watching her – while Seth has been locked up, ruling him out as the culprit – and with the police seemingly “confident” they have the killer, that also suggests that they are wrong, especially given how the preview ends.

MTV has also released an extended look at Mr. Branson/Mr. Palmer’s interrogation from Scream Episode 9, “The Dance,” which will see Emma teaming up with Piper at the Halloween dance when she thinks the real killer is still out there. Sheriff Hudson questioning Seth goes about as is to be expected. The teacher says the knife with the traces of Will’s blood on it isn’t his. He says he wasn’t trying to hurt Brooke. When the sheriff brings up his girlfriend who was murdered, he says he’s going to wait for his lawyer.

Furthermore, Bloody Disgusting has posted an extended promo that had been released teasing the final three Scream Season 1 episodes, and it teases more death and reasons to suspect anyone could be the killer. The show has already been renewed for a second season, as the Inquisitr previously reported, but who will still be alive for it?

Scream Episode 9 airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on MTV.

[Image via MTV]