Joyce Ingalls Dies At 65: Actress Starred With Sylvester Stallone In Directorial Debut, ‘Paradise Alley’ [Video]

Joyce Ingalls, who passed away at 65, succeeded professionally in both acting and modeling. With highlights including acting in Sylvester Stallone’s Paradise Alley, Joyce also made an impression in her personal life by working with husband Darrell Fetty to help those in need, noted the TheHollywood Reporter.

Ingalls was perhaps best known for taking on the challenging role of portraying a prostitute who had a kind heart in Paradise Alley, which both starred Stallone and was his first experiment behind the scenes as a director.

But Joyce’s career included everything from TV’s Starsky and Hutch to the movies Deadly Force and The Man Who Would Not Die.

Long before the show America’s Next Top Model was imagined, Joyce was a top model at the Eileen Ford Agency. After winning a Cover Girl competition in the 1960s, Ingalls modeled for publications ranging from Mademoiselle and Cosmo to Vogue. Joyce also used her modeling skills in hair product campaigns, including Clairol and Breck, and in a campaign for Black Velvet whiskey.

As the The Inquisitr reported, Stallone’s daughter Sistine Stallone has also become a rising star in the competitive world of modeling. The 16-year-old daughter of Stallone and supermodel Jennifer Flavin hopes to become just like her mom. Sistine has developed her own sense of style that showcases her leggy, natural beauty.

After Joyce’s role in Paradise Alley, she became known as a blonde bombshell.

Ingalls’ film career spanned 30 years and she was linked to Anthony Hopkins, as well as Stallone, in terms of relationships.

Ingalls’ husband Fetty was equally successful. He was nominated for an Emmy for his contributions to Kevin Costner’s Hatfields & McCoys miniseries. In addition, Fetty was a producer and writer for Texas Rising.

The couple sought to use their good fortune to help those who were less fortunate. After their wedding at the Little Brown Church in California, Ingalls and her husband supervised a homeless ministry. For almost 25 years, the Darrell and Joyce Fetty Food Pantry has made a difference to families in need.

In accordance, Ingalls’ family is requesting any donations be sent to the Little Brown Church or a Cancer Support Center in Sherman Oaks, reports Daily Mail.

Ingalls is survived by eight sisters and brothers, her husband, her mother, JoAnn, and two sons, Tyler and Derek. Ingalls will be remembered at an October memorial.

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