Rihanna ‘R8’ Album Update: ‘Diamonds’ Singer Seeking ‘Edgy’ Sound From British Artists?

Rihanna may have dropped her latest studio album, Unapologetic, three years ago, but is the “Diamonds” singer further delaying the release of her new album?

According to sources close to Rihanna, the singer’s eighth studio album, tentatively titled R8, may be further delayed while the singer “frantically” searches for an edgier sound.

A source reveals to the Mirror that Rihanna has “dumped” a lot of her previously recorded material for R8 in favor of music that will appeal to both the U.K. and the States.

“Rihanna is desperate for an edgy sound that will appeal to a European market as well as America. She’s keen to emulate the same smash-hit success she had with Calvin Harris’ ‘We Found Love’ in 2011. So far she doesn’t feel the songs she has are delivering the full package.”

The source alleges that Rihanna’s team has been frantically reaching out to British songwriters in the hopes of securing a new sound for the Barbadian songstress.

“Her people have put in calls with the best songwriters on their books and requested they drop everything to help. Usually writing camps are set up where hundreds of songwriters are invited to spend a few days coming up with tracks for her. This time they’ve gone direct to guaranteed hit-makers as there’s no time to waste.”

The source concludes, “Rihanna wants another vintage album like Rated R and won’t put anything out until she’s happy.”

The news of Rihanna’s “frantic” search for British songwriters comes just days after Billboard marked the 1,000th day since Rihanna dropped her last album, Unapologetic.

While the site notes that Rihanna has been busy with new projects, including the launch of her new fragrance, fashion collaboration with Puma, and involvement in films like Home, fans are becoming impatient regarding the arrival of R8.

Rumors of R8’s continued delay comes just days after reports suggest that Rihanna may be dropping some subtle hints about the release of her upcoming album.

MTV News reports that Rihanna visited famed tattoo artist Bang Bang while in NYC last weekend to add some ink to her growing collection.

Rihanna took to Instagram to share a photo of her new “1988” tattoo, leading some fans to believe Rihanna was taking a page from Taylor Swift’s book and naming her eighth studio album after the year she was born.

While Rihanna continues to remain mum regarding the rumors surrounding R8’s release, when do you think we can expect Rihanna to drop her new album?

[Image Credit: Getty Images / Imeh Akpanudosen]