Joe Bailey Continues His Bad ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Behavior On Twitter

Joe Bailey has been labeled the villain of the season on Bachelor in Paradise. When he was competing for Kaitlyn Bristowe’s heart, Bailey was known as a sweetheart. Joe was caring, nice, and gentle, and he was falling in love with Bristowe. Sadly, he wasn’t happy when he learned that she had slept with Nick Viall. He walked off the show and showed up in paradise.

When Joe Bailey signed on to do Bachelor in Paradise, many thought that he would be the sweetest guy. But he quickly showed his bad side. Bailey had been talking to Samantha Steffen prior to joining the show, and he was willing to do anything to stay in paradise to meet her. And that meant hurting single mother Juelia Kinney.

According to a new tweet, Joe Bailey is continuing his mean and abrasive behavior on social media. As it turns out, he is even worse on social media. Joe doesn’t feel bad about his behavior, and he isn’t making any excuses for being rude and mean.

“Actually, us mountain women are wonderful. You’re embarrassing the rest of the state. Please hush, sweetheart,” one follower wrote to him, which had him replying, “The last time I checked I did this for me not the rest of the state.”

And Bailey isn’t apologizing for his behavior. There isn’t an ounce of guilt. In fact, Joe Bailey would rather spend time on social media, making other people feel horrible about their behavior, tweets, and looks.

“Joe reminds me of that creepy guy at the bar that offers to buy you a drink and when you politely decline he murders you,” another follower wrote to him, which had Bailey reply, “Correction cause I would never ask to buy you a drink ew!”

According to the Inquisitr, Bailey recently admitted that he is currently in a relationship, and he has hinted that it isn’t Samantha. And even though he is dating someone new, he is still flirting with his Twitter followers.

“I have been admiring how beautiful you are for the last 2 mins does that count for anything,” he tweeted to a girl in hopes of flirting, but also showed off his horrible side in the same notion, by answering the question, “Do you remember the girl’s name you played? Or does the producer have to remind you again?” with “I think it was Jillian.”

It is very possible that Bailey wants to keep his villain status alive as Bachelor in Paradise continues to air.

What do you think of Joe Bailey’s behavior on Twitter?

[Image via Instagram]