Conservative Writer Matt Walsh Admits He Was Wrong About Josh Duggar, ‘Too Easy On Duggar Parents’

Writer Matt Walsh is known for his conservative blog posts on trending topics around the web. Following the Josh Duggar molestation scandal a few months ago, Walsh jumped to the Duggars’ defense, noting that the media’s obsession with the case was being used to paint Christians as hypocrites and demonize the Duggar family who is known for their strong “family values”. Walsh went on to say that he believed Josh Duggar had been reformed by repenting his behavior and changing his ways.

However, following the revelation that Josh Duggar maintained two secret Ashley Madison accounts, a website dedicated to securing extramarital affairs, and has a pornography addiction, Wash is changing his tune and says he was wrong about the Duggars.

Matt Walsh took to his Facebook to admit he was wrong when it came to the case of Josh Duggar. Walsh notes that when the molestation reports initially hit the news, he was quick to point out that the media seemed rather “selective” and “insincere” regarding the sexual abuse. He went on to note that the media attention seemed to be focused on discrediting Christians and family values. Walsh then claimed that it appears Josh Duggar had “changed his ways” and should be forgiven.

“I wrote a post in the early days of that story pointing out that the liberal outrage over sexual abuse seems to be rather selective and insincere. I further said that Christian ideals aren’t disproved just because one Christian fails to live up to them. And I also said that, by all accounts, Josh has repented and changed his ways, and he should be forgiven.”

Walsh is now admitting that at least a portion of his initial Josh Duggar molestation scandal response was wrong. The conservative writer says that though he stands by his statements that the media’s portrayal of the incident was an attack on Christian values, he says he now knows he was wrong about Josh Duggar’s reform as the Ashley Madison leak reveals.

“I was wrong about Josh Duggar being a repentant man. Clearly, he isn’t. Or at least he wasn’t. Maybe now he’ll finally begin the process, but it’s certainly impossible to believe that someone could be truly sorry for past sexual sin while currently in the process of fishing for affairs and ‘experimental’ one night stands.”

Walsh says that “Josh Duggar is CLEARLY not equipped to be a world famous face of Christian values” and says that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are to blame as well for knowingly putting their family on television despite the sexual sins their son was experiencing.

“I realized I was too easy on the Duggar parents as well. Jim Bob and Michelle knew that their oldest son was struggling with severe sexual sin, they knew their daughters had been abused, they knew their family was in the midst of moral and spiritual turmoil, yet they STILL decided to put themselves and their children on TV for ten years.”

Do you agree with Matt Walsh that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are partially to blame for the media coverage of their family’s sexual abuse scandal and public knowledge of Josh Duggar’s infidelity?

[Image Credit: Facebook]