Man Buns Of Disneyland: Instagram Account Focuses On Men With Buns At The Happiest Place On Earth

There are many things on social media that aren’t always comprehended by the entire world, but they don’t need to be. As long as there is a group that loves it, then that is all that matters. Well, one of the newest crazes and trendy things is an Instagram account called Man Buns of Disneyland, and it’s taking social media by storm.

E Online! has pointed out that “Dilfs of Disney” is not the hottest ticket on social media anymore as grown men with hair buns have taken over.

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Yes, @manbunsofdisneyland is exactly what it sounds like. The account posts pictures of men with hair buns all around Disneyland. Some of the guys are pushing strollers or getting on different attractions or even just enjoying a snack. The Happiest Place On Earth just became a lot happier for women that love a man with a bun. Some of the posts are guys for women to stare at and smile. Others bring about those feelings of “awwwww” and “that’s so sweet.” Then again, there are some that just bring about a side-eye, half-squint expression.

#manbun spotted meditating on splash mountain! 😂 #mun #manbuns #Disneyland #dca #manbunsofdisneyland

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At times, there are some posts that look like they are more out of a model shoot than just catching man buns at Disneyland. Guys have their shirts off or are staring longingly into the distance or just have that “I just bought my Starbucks and am deep in thought” persona.

Man Buns of Disneyland has really taken off and it’s having a lot of fun with it too. The account had 16,000 followers on Instagram as of Friday morning, but by almost noon, it had jumped to 20,000 followers.

With 234 posts so far, there is going to be much more to come. Man Buns of Disneyland is bringing forth the power of the man bun and also perfecting the art of the sneaky camera shot while hoping the stranger doesn’t notice.

If you’re heading out to the Happiest Place on Earth and have long hair, be warned if it’s a hot day and you decide to pull it up. Man Buns of Disneyland could be lurking around every corner and you may end up on one of the most popular and hottest Instagram accounts today.

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