‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 9 Head Of Household Revealed, Who Will Be Targeted For Eviction?

All of the Big Brother 17 houseguests are throwing themselves into Week 9 now that Becky Burgess has been sent to the jury house. Viewers were left hanging at the end of Thursday night’s show, but overnight, a new Head of Household was crowned. Who is in charge this week, and who will be targeted? Big Brother 17 spoilers from the live feeds break down the latest.

As Buddy TV details, the Week 9 Head of Household competition came down to James Huling and Austin Matelson. Big Brother 17 spoilers indicate that Austin beat out James to become the new HOH. While Austin, Liz and Julia had contemplated how they might be better off letting James or Johnny Mac be HOH this week, ultimately it seems that Austin went for the title.

Austin has a lot of conflicting deals floating around in the BB17 house, and this week he’ll perhaps have to tip his hand to a degree. He has been talking a lot about targeting Vanessa, but will he really step up and do it?

Big Brother 17 spoilers detail that after he won HOH, Austin told Liz that he had promised Meg and James they would be safe. If he follows through with that, fans can likely expect to see John and Steve go up on the block. However, there is talk that a plan to backdoor Vanessa remains on the table.

Big Brother Network details that Austin did a lot of talking overnight after winning HOH. Big Brother spoilers tease that Matelson is very aware that he has put himself in something of a tight spot considering his conflicting alliances. Many will surely wonder why he didn’t just let James win as Huling surely would have targeted Vanessa himself.

During the discussions overnight, Austin indicated that he was a bit worried that Vanessa could have convinced James to change course. So, Austin ultimately decided it was better to win HOH and maintain control of the nominations.

It seems that Vanessa is pushing Austin to nominate Meg and James, but target Johnny Mac as a backdoor evictee. At this point in the BB17 season, Austin doesn’t have all that many options. Though he could go with James and Meg on the block, so far Big Brother 17 spoilers would point toward John and Steve as the likely nominees for now.

Will Austin have the guts to go after Vanessa this week or will he push off the big move yet again? The Week 9 nominations should come out later on Friday, and viewers will be very curious to see what comes next.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother 17 spoilers as the nominations and Power of Veto play out to nail down the two houseguests facing eviction in the coming week.

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