Alabama Father Shot Dead In Apartment Home By 2-Year-Old Son After Laying Down To Take A Nap

Tragedy struck when a 2-year-old from Hoover, Alabama, got a hold of his father’s gun and pulled the trigger, shooting him in the head and killing him instantly, according to NBC News. Sources say that 31-year-old Divine Chambliss was watching his toddler son while his girlfriend went to work on August 18.

When the mother of two returned home at The Cliffs at Rocky Ridge Apartments just shortly after 3 p.m., her son was heard saying, “I hurt daddy.” That’s when she discovered Chambliss lying in bed unresponsive with a gunshot wound to the head. When first responders arrived at the scene, they pronounced the father dead.

The coroner’s office confirmed that the father had been shot dead by his own son. It was later uncovered that no one was at the home during the time of the shooting, and there was no sign of an intruder.

The victim’s father, Larry Chambliss, said, “We’ve talked with the detective, we’ve talked with the coroner and everything is pointing to the baby. I just can’t comprehend it.”

The family is stunned after losing their loved one and hopes that the 2-year-old doesn’t remember the tragedy.

“Detectives have considered every possible scenario in an attempt to determine who shot the victim,” according to a statement posted on Facebook. “There is still no indication that an intruder or any third person was involved in this incident. Physical evidence has also helped us determine that the victim could not have shot himself. All indications at this point still lead us to believe the child found the loaded handgun and accidentally shot his father.”


“However, this investigation is still in its very early stages and detectives are not completely ruling out other possibilities,” Hoover police stated.

“Detectives have left no stone unturned in their efforts to determine exactly what happened in this case. There’s never a good scenario when it involves a tragic death but it appears that this case may represent the unthinkable,” said Police Captain Gregg Rector. “It’s just an absolute horrible tragedy. Our hearts go out for Mr. Chambliss’ family and friends. They’re going through a rough time right now and they need prayers and support.”

Investigators are now trying to uncover how the 2-year-old was able to retrieve the gun and shoot his father to death.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]