Madonna’s ‘Out Of Control’ Party Outwits Cops

Madonna is a music icon who made a name for herself in the industry through controversies and an edgy demeanor. Known as the ‘Queen of Pop’, Madonna is one of the most successful artists in the genre, with over 300 million of her records sold worldwide.

That said, Madonna’s latest music video titled, “B***h I’m Madonna” featuring Nicki Minaj, not only managed to create a bit of controversy in music circles, but it also garnered over 80 million page views in less than two months since its release, reiterating the fact that the 57-year-old singer still has a formidable fan base. It received both positive and negative reviews, and among the negatives was one from The Daily Beast, which said that the Madonna video was “plain sad.”

“B***h I’m Madonna” arrives with all of the swagger and braggadocio befitting a new track by a pop icon with a title like that. But for all of the bombast, why does it mostly seem just pathetic and sad?… It would all make more of an impact, of course, if the song had any merit. Instead, it’s a monotonous four minutes of tuneless claps, spoken word, and random beat drops serving as filler to the admittedly cathartic and powerful chant refrain: “B***h I’m Madonna”.

However, Hollywood Life reported it to be a wonderful video, opening its news item as follows.

“OMG, it’s here! Madonna’s “B***h I’m Madonna” video finally premiered on June 17, and it’s even more epic than we expected. “

According to Newsmax, Madonna recently posted a photo on Instagram of her and ex-husband Sean Penn that was taken years ago; captioning it, “It’s almost our birthdays! 2 Leo’s #rebelhearts photo by Herb Ritts another Leo.”

As it turned out, their birthdays were just a day apart. Penn was 55 on Monday, and Madonna had her 57th birthday on Sunday.

However, according to TMZ, Madonna celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a wild party featuring loud music. It was said to be so loud that the vibrations shook her neighbor’s houses. In response, one of them rang the authorities to report the shattering noise at about 2.30 am. This was according to law enforcement officers who spoke to the site.

However, when the officers got there, the music was muted, so they didn’t have to go in and didn’t even speak to Madonna. But as soon as the cops were gone, it was turned up again.

This is according to a source who spoke to TMZ.

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Variety]