Vanessa Hudgens’ Father Facing Cancer: Actress Reveals Heartbreaking Family News

Actress Vanessa Hudgens’ father has stage 4 cancer, the star revealed on Wednesday. The announcement came as Hudgens was making a speech at the Industry Dance Awards, where Vanessa was accepting an award for Breakthrough Performer. She explained that her father’s diagnosis came recently.

Us Magazine details that the event was held as a benefit for the Circle of Hope charity, an organization that supports dancers who have battled cancer. During her acceptance speech, Vanessa Hudgens’ father’s battle was revealed. The actress noted that her father had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, though she did not disclose what type of cancer he has.

Hudgens also noted that her boyfriend, Austin Butler, lost his mother Lori to cancer last year. Vanessa shared that she hates cancer with every cell of her being. She also said that now she and Austin really now what it is like to be family members dealing with the dreaded disease of cancer.

Fans may not have known the specifics until now, but they did know that something was going on with Vanessa Hudgens’ father. The 26-year-old had posted a photo on Instagram showing her with her dad just a few weeks ago, noting that they were asking for prayers for his healing.

Hudgens attended the Industry Dance Awards event with boyfriend Butler. As fans know, Vanessa and Austin have been dating for quite some time now. Their relationship flies under the radar to a fair extent compared to her previous high-profile relationship with fellow High School Musical star Zac Efron, and that seems to be just the way she likes it.

Vanessa shares quite a few pictures of Austin on her Instagram. She recently posted a video noting that he makes her happy and that they were celebrating his birthday at Disney. Despite the heartache the two have faced this past year with parents who have waged battles against cancer, Austin and Vanessa are doing well and going strong.

While it’s not known at this point what the future holds for Vanessa’s dad Greg, fans are by her side and lending their prayers and support. Her Instagram post garnered a great deal of support and now that fans know the reason for the prayer request, it’s clear they’re stepping up all the more.

Though many were a bit stunned at the announcement that Vanessa Hudgens’ father has cancer, they are hoping that the family can come together for some quality time as he pushes to recover. Fans will be watching her Instagram page for updates and hoping for the best.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]