Rosalie Martinez, Oscar Bolin: ABC ’20/20′ Profiles Woman Who Married Death Row Inmate And Serial Killer

Rosalie Martinez had it all. She lived a charmed life with her prominent attorney husband, Victor Martinez, and her four children, but she gave it all up to marry a convicted serial killer named Oscar Bolin.

Rosalie Martinez, now known as Rosalie Bolin, was supposed to be doing research for the public defender to help keep Bolin from death row, instead she found herself falling in love with a killer, a fact that would change her life forever. Oscar Bolin was convicted of murdering three women. Today, people want to find out how a woman who seemed to have the perfect life could give it all away to marry not only a prisoner, but an inmate on death row. ABC 20/20 was there for the prison wedding in 1996. On tonight’s episode, they will go behind the scenes with Rosalie to find out what has been going on with her since then.

Dressed in a white bridal gown, Rosalie Martinez married her prison hubby over the telephone with a minister by her side. She teared up as she said “I do” to the love of her life. From the time she married Oscar Ray Bolin, she knew that she was all alone.

She lost everything due to her relationship with Oscar Bolin — her friends, her family, and her job. Rosalie’s husband, Victor, didn’t want anything to do with her and filed for divorce. He took her daughters away from her, too. Even today, people all across the country are outraged when they hear about the case. Some say she has to be a crazy woman with emotional problems to marry a convicted murderer. Others say it’s probably just low self-esteem. Rosalie claims that she is a sane woman who fell in love with a man who was wrongly convicted.

Oscar Bolin was arrested and convicted of murdering three women in 1986. According to court records, Bolin killed Stephanie Collins, a 17-year-old high school student who vanished after heading to talk to her boss at the local drug store. Her body was found in a ditch. Natalie Blanche Holley was a 25-year-old woman who worked for Church’s Fried Chicken as a manager. Her body was found in January 1986. She had been stabbed to death. His other victim was identified as Teri Lynn Matthews, a 26-year-old woman who worked at a local bank. Investigators found her dead body not far from Oscar Bolin’s home. The bodies of Stephanie Collins and Teri Lynn Matthews were found on the same day, according to the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

Oscar Ray Bolin and his prison wife, Rosalie Martinez today.

People said the marriage wouldn’t last. But, Rosalie wants you to know that 18 years later, they are still going strong. Tune into tonight’s ABC 20/20 to get the scoop. Last week, the Inquisitr reported on the Cecil the Lion ABC 20/20 episode.

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