Australia Beats The Rest Of The World At Wearing High Heels

Most women the world over are happy with their heels to be around the 2 2/3 inch (7 centimeters) mark, but for Australian women, the sky is the limit when it comes to high heel shoes. When customized footwear company Shoes of Prey conducted research into high heel shoes wearers, they discovered Australian women preferred their high heels at 3 17⁄64 inches (8.3 centimeters) high. also broke down the figures a little more, identifying which states in Australia also liked their high heels ultra high. In height order, here’s the breakdown for the Australian states that prefer their heels high the most.

  • West Australians love their high heels with 30.4 percent of them selecting their heels as ultra high.
  • In Queensland, 29.9 percent opted for stilettos.
  • In New South Wales, 31.1 percent of women selected sky high heels, but it was evenly split for this state with roughly one-third each selecting heel sizes over the three categories of kitten heels (low), mid-range heels, and sky-high heels.
  • Victorians selected super high heels in 31.6 percent surveyed.
  • In South Australia, 28.9 percent of women surveyed wanted high heels.

There has been a decline, however, in the height of heels women are selecting.

“The average preferred heel height is declining around the world — down to 8.1cm from 8.9cm in the last two years,” Shoes of Prey co-founder Jodie Fox told

She credits her 6-year-old business as helping with this trend.

“It’s not a one-size fits all industry — the styles available in store can be too high, too low or simply just not right for that person’s needs. With the rise of customization in fashion, we are seeing women choose shoes and heel sizes that suit their needs without compromising on their preferred design.

“But certainly a much wider range of heel heights are now considered just as fashionable — shoe-lovers who still want high-end fashion, with a few customized tweaks to a traditional high heel, can get the perfect solution.”

Jodie Fox also notices as the height of heels is on the increase, styles such as brogues and Oxfords are now on the rise.

Many women would scoff at a mere 3 17/64 inches of high heels, however, and Shoes of Prey offers the following video on how to walk in 6-inch heels.

Shoes of Prey is an Australian company that offers shoe fanatics an online service where they can design their own shoes according to their own requirements. In May, Shoes of Prey announced they would expand their company into the U.S. as well as offering plans to introduce actual bricks and mortar stores.

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[Image credit: Getty Images / Andreas Rentz]