Tom Foley, Darlene 'Dee Dee' Foley: 'Dateline NBC' Presents Coldwater, Michigan, 'Mystery At Heath Bar Farm' Murder Case

The Tom Foley-Darlene Foley, Coldwater, Michigan, fatal shooting case will be the subject of tonight's Dateline NBC.

Dateline NBC is a weekly program that brings you real cases and real crimes. Darlene Foley, also known as Dee Dee Foley and Darlene May Weber, was a Union City Elementary School teacher who was shot dead in her farmhouse six years ago. Her husband, Tom Foley, was arrested and convicted of her murder in 2009, but he was later acquitted in his second trial. Today, he is a free man. Darlene Dee Dee Foley's murder case still remains unsolved. The death of Dee Dee "Dar" Foley was first profiled on Dateline NBC back in 2013.

The case of Darlene Foley was in the news in 2009, which is when police were called to the scene because of a woman being found unresponsive. Tom Foley told police that he found his wife bleeding in the shower when he came back home. He also found broken glass. Earlier in the day, Darlene's son, Heath, played video games with a close friend before heading off to a birthday party.

An autopsy report suggested that the teacher and mother was killed by a shotgun blast at close range. After processing the scene, it appeared to be a robbery gone wrong, but upon closer inspection, it became evident that someone wanted it to look like a robbery. On the surface, their home life seemed picture perfect, a wife and mother who works as a teacher, and a loving husband who stays home with the kids. But as investigators began interviewing family members and friends, they learned that the couple had marital problems. Though beloved, the second-grade teacher was known to have a temper and could be very controlling.

Those who knew the couple say that Tom was an easy-going laid-back guy who seemed to love his wife in the beginning but became unhappy in the marriage to Darlene, who friends call "Dar." Sources say Darlene made him feel as if he was no longer in control, and that he was never able to please her, which made him more vindictive over the years.

The marriage took a turn for the worse when Tom took on a lover at the same school where his wife worked for 19 years. A furious Darlene was said to have confronted the woman at the school to tell her to leave her husband alone. In a separate incident, an ex-girlfriend from school was abruptly approached by Dar who came out of nowhere, screaming across the parking that Tom was her husband, and that whatever relationship they had in school was now over. The friend who witnessed the altercation told her story on Investigation Discovery's Love the Way You Lie, another true crime series that documented the case.

Tom Foley was the main suspect in the death of his wife. He has always maintained that he never did anything to harm Darlene. Despite his acquittal, many believe that he got away with murder. Be sure to watch tonight's Dateline NBC to get the full story. Last week, the Inquisitr reported on Dateline NBC's episode dealing with cross-dressing military man Colonel Russell Williams.

Check out the trailer for Dateline NBC's "Murder At Heath Bar Farm" episode.

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