Bill O’Reilly Unleashes On Hillary Clinton And American Justice System During Angry Week

Bill O’Reilly is likely to lead the cable television news ratings this week. His show lost last week to Megyn Kelly’s, but that’s only because he was on vacation from his own show. This week, Bill O’Reilly has pushed the gas pedal on his already speeding anger with two of his favorite topics: Hillary Clinton and the fallen American justice system.

On Tuesday evening, Mr. O’Reilly started his show by indicating that some political analysts now believe Clinton will not be able to run for president since her emails are being investigated by the FBI. O’Reilly’s segment quoted Hillary Clinton from an interview with Fox News correspondent Ed Henry.

“My personal e-mails are my personal business, right? So we went through a painstaking process and turned over 55,000 pages of anything we thought could be work related. Under the law, that decision is made by the official. I was the official.”

Though O’Reilly obviously isn’t a Hillary Clinton fan, he was very fair in his assessment of the situation. Bill indicated that even though Hilary Clinton’s poll numbers are falling, she is a determined candidate who nobody should count out yet. The results of the investigation over Clinton’s emails will come out in a couple of months.

The other main issue that Bill O’Reilly talked about this week was the collapse of the American justice system. On Monday evening, O’Reilly opened his show by discussing what he believes is a huge problem.

“It is horrifying to watch as the violent crime rate is skyrocketing in some places run by liberal politicians. That’s because many on the left do not want to punish people, especially the poor, who commit crimes. They see those folks as victims of an oppressive society, i.e., America.”


Bill O’Reilly even went on to compare America’s collapsing justice system to that of South Africa’s, where paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius is expected to be released from prison this week after serving just 10 months for shooting and killing his girlfriend. Pistorius claimed that he thought his girlfriend was a burglar.

During the week, Bill O’Reilly continued his rants about illegal immigrants who commit crimes and are allowed to keep returning to the United States after defying deportations. Bill also had Donald Trump on his show. Trump claimed that the 14th Amendment, which allows children born on United States soil to become automatic citizens no matter what the legal status of their parents is, should be considered unconstitutional.

As expected, Mr. O’Reilly’s interview with Trump was praised by the right and insulted by the left. The rest of the week will certainly bring many more adventures of Bill O’Reilly, his anger, and the reaction of his critics.

[Photo by Desiree Navarro / Getty Images]