Warriors Will Go Berserk With The New Specialization In ‘Guild Wars 2’

When the first expansion for Guild Wars 2 releases, each profession in the game will have access to a new specialization that will offer a new weapon type and new abilities to the class. Several professions have had their new specialization fully revealed alongside an overview of how these new options will alter the professions. Today, however, was the day for the Warrior profession to shine.

With the Berserk specialization, Warriors in Guild Wars 2 will pick up a torch to set the world aflame. Their adrenaline bar will transform from a three bar form consisting of 30 adrenaline to a single bar worth 10 adrenaline. Abilities associated with the Berserk specialization use the new adrenaline bar with new abilities that have shorter recharges than most Warrior abilities.

Guild Wars 2

Wielding a torch lets the Berserker protect themselves, cleanse ailments, or even make themselves “mobile fire fields.” A new ability called Blaze Breaker lets Warriors smash their torch to the ground spending out rocks and flames to an enemy in order to cripple it. Another ability called Flames of War lets the Berserker wrap itself in flames, removing conditions and creating a fire field that follows them on the battlefield. The field will burn foes, set up class combinations for allies, and eventually explode to burn even more enemies around the player.

Guild Wars 2 developers clarify how these two abilities can work together.

“Blaze Breaker is a strong offensive skill that hits multiple times and can rapidly stack burning on groups of foes. Flames of War, on the other hand, is more of a tactical skill, allowing the berserker to activate many of the combo finishers available on other weapons. Both skills apply burning, making the torch a good weapon for condition-damage builds.”

Like how the new Necromancer specialization will have access to shouts, the Warriors will have access to a new type of utility skill. For Berserkers, they will have access to new rage skills. These abilities grant rage and are similar to many physical skills already available to a Warrior. Mixing rage skills in with weapon abilities makes it easy for a Berserker to build and spend adrenaline quickly to deal sustained damage within Guild Wars 2.

“Heart of Thorns” will also add a new area, gliding, PvP mode, and much more to Tyria when it releases. Players can pre-purchase the expansion for Guild Wars 2 now for access to betas, an exclusive title, and a free character slot if they are an existing player. These offers will not be available after the release of “Heart of Thorns,” and the base cost of the expansion is $50. Players can spend even more for special skins, finishers, or even a bundle of Gems for use in the in-game store.

Do you think Warriors will benefit from wielding a torch?

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