‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: One Goes Home, One Becomes New HOH In ‘BB17’

Big Brother 17 spoilers from August 20 include one houseguest going home and a new HOH. These Big Brother 17 spoilers begin with the name of the new jury member and end with the name of the new Head of Household, but that’s not all that took place. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the plan heading into the night was to send Becky Burgess to the jury house, with Liz Nolan using her HOH to get her out. A report from fan site Big Brother Network confirms that the eviction vote went exactly as expected.

Before the vote took place, producers revealed a bit of information from the jury house as Shelli Poole and Jackie Ibarra discovered that they were evicted on the same night. The segment showed a bit about the mansion that the jury will be staying in, and also revealed how Shelli and Jackie interact away from the drama of the BB17 house. Shelli didn’t expect to see Jackie, and she was extremely surprised that Vanessa Rousso wasn’t the next one to join her.

As for the important Big Brother 17 spoilers of the night, in the live vote from the houseguests, Becky Burgess was evicted by a vote of 6-0. She becomes the third member of the jury, but could certainly return to the house if producers decide to allow someone to come back (soon). If it were to take place, that would likely happen during the August 27 episode on CBS. It could potentially be through a fan vote or through a competition coinciding with the next HOH selection.

With the house down to its final eight contestants, the targets are starting to become limited. Everyone not named Vanessa Rousso wants to see Vanessa as the next person voted out of the house. It raised the importance level for her to win the Week 9 Head of Household, otherwise she becomes the primary target for eviction. Likewise, John McGuire, Meg Maley, James Huling, and Steve Moses all had to know that they needed to take the power or risk getting nominated on Friday (August 21).

As the episodes began drawing to a close, it became very obvious that the final eight would be competing in an endurance challenge that wouldn’t end before CBS switched off the cameras. Now live feed viewers will be the next group to find out (first) who has become the Week 9 HOH. Fear not, fans, as these Big Brother 17 spoilers will include the results as soon as they become available later in the evening. Before the episode ended, though, Meg Maley was eliminated first.

Julia Nolan and Vanessa Rousso were the next two to be eliminated, as Julia went down before the live feeds turned back on, and Vanessa came off her button. That left just the four guys competing. John McGuire was the next to be eliminated, followed by Steve Moses. That left just James Huling and Austin Matelson competing for the Week 9 BB17 HOH. To conclude these Big Brother 17 spoilers, Austin beat James to take the power. Will he still target Vanessa as planned?

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]