Indiana Mom Attempts To Drown Child, Fights Off Grandmother With Towel Bar

A Plymouth, Indiana, mother attempted to drown her child in the bathtub last week. The child’s grandmother saved the 6-year-old girl from the child abuse and attempted murder as the mother attacked with a towel rod.

Amanda Nethercutt, 26, was arrested on allegations of attempted murder, aggravated battery, and neglect of an independent, according to WNDU Channel 16. The 6-year-old child’s grandmother called the police after snatching the child out of a bathtub where Nethercutt was attemptting to drown the little girl. Mary Nethercutt, the 65-year-old grandmother, received injuries when Amanda Netehrcutt tried to retain possession of her child as she hit the elderly woman with a towel bar.

When officers arrived on the scene, Amanda was standing in the street with a knife. After multiple attempts to coerce her to drop the weapon, officers decided to use a taser to subdue her safely.

The incident occurred before 3 p.m. on August 13 when Mary Nethercutt found Amanda holding the 6-year-old girl’s head underwater. Her face was turning blue, and Mary stepped in to save her granddaughter. Despite being beat with a towel rod, Mary rushed down the hallway with the child in her arms, hoping to lock herself behind a door where she could safely notify the police. Amanda chased after, yelling, “Why did you save her?” according to the South Bend Tribune.

Amanda Nethercutt was take to a mental health facility for monitoring. Mary and the child were taken to the hospital to be checked over. Both are expected to recover fully from their injuries.

The movie is presently unknown for the attempted murder. However, Mary did state that Amanda asked to be driven to nearby South Bend multiple times throughout the day. There is speculation that she may have wanted to visit the neighboring city to purchase drugs.

Police noticed small cuts on Amanda Nethercutt’s wrists. She also stated that she wanted to kill herself as she slammed her head against the police car’s cage.


Officer Jim Cox’s police report shared the events as Mary recalled them.

“Mary Nethercutt stated to Officer Emenhiser that she has raised EM since she was a baby because Amanda Nethercutt was not around. Mary stated she walked into the bathroom and observed Amanda holding EM’s head under water. Mary advised she grabbed Amanda and threw her off EM and pulled EM out of the bath tub. EM’s face was blue and she was choking so Mary placed her on her side and she coughed up water.”

The report further stated that Amanda attempted to strangle the child while Mary was attempting to get away.

[Photo Courtesy Plymouth, IN Police/South Bend Tribune]