Pet Sitter Caught On Video Abusing Frightened Small Dog [Video]

When someone leaves a dog with a pet sitter, they assume the dog will be cared for in a kind, loving manner. The unnamed pet sitter in the video below is seen slapping and slamming the dog in her care to the ground. Not what owners expect, of course. It's not known whether the small, cowering canine in her care was injured. A neighbor of the Burlingame, California, pet sitter took the video on a cell phone and, on July 30, the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS/SPCA) received it. The sitter's name has not yet been released because she has not yet been charged with anything. PHS/SPCA spokesperson Scott Delucchi stated the following according to FOX KTVU.

"We are looking for the dog pictured in this video as we fear the dog may have been injured. The owner is claiming the dog in the video clip is her dog, a Lhasa Apso, but we can clearly see several distinguishing physical characteristics which tell us these are not the same dog."
The pet sitter is a woman in her 60s who has been in business for at least 10 years. During that time, neighbors made multiple complaints to the PHS/SPCA about the animals in the woman's care. It also received two other video clips in May in which it looks like the woman stomped on a dog. However, it doesn't appear that any prior action was taken against her. The dog in the video is thought to be about 15 pounds, perhaps a golden-colored Chihuahua mix with a fluffy tail.

WARNING: The Following Video May Upset Some Viewers (dog abuse)

The PHS/SPCA is concerned about the condition of the dog in the video and wants others -- including owners who used the sitter's boarding services -- who have information about any other abusive acts to contact the shelter immediately at 650-340-7022, ext. 384. Delucchi stated the following, according to the Examiner.

"We believe that the evidence presented in the video clip is enough for the District Attorney's Office to bring animal abuse charges against this woman. At this point, our primary concern is for the dog. If we hear from other dog owners who have hired this woman to care for their dogs and had bad experiences, they may become part of the report we deliver to the DA's Office."
After confirming that the videotape was the pet sitter, the PHS/SPCA seized 11 dogs to protect their health and to ensure their safety. Dogs in her care were returned to their owners. The sitter's three dogs were not returned to her. Amazingly, the sitter admitted to hitting one of her own dogs on July 30. She stated that she "popped and smacked on the mouth" one of her dogs because it dug up her rose bush. She claimed that was the dog in the video. However, her dog has three legs, and the one in the video has four. Apparently, the sitter believes that hitting her own dog is acceptable behavior. Most animal advocates would disagree.

What penalty, if any, do you think that the pet sitter should face? Should she ever be allowed to have contact with pets? Please leave your comments below.

There's so much abuse in the news, and many of the abusers are not caught. A severely abused pit bull mix who was found emaciated and missing half of her face has been taken in by a Florida rescue to help the poor sweet dog be rehabilitated. Despite all the dog has been through, she still loves attention from people, according to the Inquisitr.

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