Another Royal Baby On The Way? Rumors Of Pregnancy Caused By Appearance Of Possible Baby Bump

Just mere months after a mini royal baby boom, rumors of a new royal baby are floating on top of the headlines once again.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Princess Madeline both gave birth to royal bundles of joy earlier this year. Now, Princess Victoria of Sweden is suspected of having a bun in the oven.

Rumors of the royal pregnancy started after Princess Victoria was spotted in an outfit that appeared to reveal a baby bump, causing the paparazzi to swoop in for a better view. According to the Daily Mail, Princess Victoria is already mother to Princess Estelle, 3, so she has some experience in motherhood. Currently, the toddler princess is second in line to the Swedish throne.

Life and Style Magazine reported that the suspected baby bump was photographed during the Princess’s French vacation. However, images of the suspected baby bump are not definitive and may be a trickery of the way her short is bunched against her purse, or simply the way the fabric bunched together.

Later photos during the trip seemed to portray a slimmer belly than those that coerced rumors of her pregnancy. Still, many are wondering if she is in fact with child or not.

Whether pregnant or not, Princess Victoria is showing no signs of slowing down in her duties. After returning from vacation, Princess Victoria hosted a reception for UN diplomats and has other meetings and engagements planned for the upcoming weeks.

Although images since the baby bump was spotted do not reveal the pronounced bulge, it is possible that she is wearing clothing to hide any sign of another baby, such as the flower patterned dress she was seen wearing at the UN engagement. The hide and seek bump has the paparazzi eager to catch another glimpse of the bump, hoping to catch the next photographic opportunity.

Princess Victoria has not responded the the rumors with denial or confirmation. Instead, she has gone about her normally busy life. Other royals have followed similar suit, until their pregnancy was no longer able to be hidden or health concerns arrived.

Speculation and rumor are bound to continue until a royal announcement is made to reveal the truth.

Many that have viewed photos of the potential baby bump have shared their thoughts, many stating that they simply do not see it. What are your thoughts?

[Photo By Luca Teuchmann / Getty Images Entertainment]