Banksy Unveils Dismaland, Darkly Comical Theme Park Becomes Street Artist’s Newest Exhibition

Renowned street artist Banksy is no stranger to setting his sights high and giving fans an eclectic view of his work, and his newest creation does not disappoint. In true Banksy fashion, Dismaland has arrived, and is giving the world a view of what Disneyland may look like if it wasn’t the happiest place on Earth.

Dismaland was constructed on the site of the Tropicana Lido, according to Metro U.K. The location is special to Bansky because he used to swim there as a child, so visiting the decaying locale and creating new life within was greatly satisfying to the street artist.

Dismaland officially opens on Saturday, August 22, but the response has already been overwhelming. The influx of visitors to Dismaland’s website have already crashed the site twice. Banksy’s post-apocalyptic version of Disneyland is expected to draw in hoards of visitors during the opening weekend.

WESTON-SUPER-MARE, ENGLAND - AUGUST 20: A general view of an installation at Bansky's 'Dismaland' exhibition which opens tomorrow at a derelict seafront lido on August 20, 2015 in Weston-Super-Mare, England. The show is Bansky's first in the UK since the Banksy v Bristol Museum show in 2009 and will be open for 5 weeks at the Topicana site. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

Bansky is excited to share his newest exhibit with anyone willing to visit, but maybe more so to share the place he spent so many happy moments as a child.

“I loved the Tropicana as a kid, so getting to throw these doors open again is a real honour.”

Bansky’s last U.K. exhibit took place in 2009 at the Bristol Museum, according to the BBC. The unexpectedly large crowd labeled the show as a success. It is anticipated that the opening of Dismaland will draw a much larger crowd.

Although the “bemusement” park is based off of the Disney concept, it is not intended for small children to attend. He has built the art pieces to be interactive, in many ways, some of which are whimsical and risque.

“A dead princess is only complete when surrounded by gawping crowds with their cameras out, or the opportunity to photograph yourself pulling an amazed expression when a killer whale leaps from a toilet.”

Dismaland is expected to remain open to guests for six weeks, at which time it will close and the Trop Trust will attempt to reopen the Tropicana for visitors again.

In addition to Banksy’s artwork, over 50 other artists will have works on display.

[Photo by Matthew Horwood / Getty Images News]