Ralph Lauren Launches Smart Shirt To Customize And Monitor Workouts

Everyone has a smartphone. So, what’s next? A Polo TechSmart Shirt, of course. David Lauren, Executive Vice President of Global Advertising, Marketing, and Corporate Communications for Ralph Lauren says the company is focused on giving people a product to be able to live a healthier life.

Ralph Lauren’s Smart Shirt contains silver fibers, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and sensors that are sewed into a band that goes across the chest. The silver fibers tracks a person’s statistics, like heart rate, breathing depth, recovery time, how well a person is moving, energy output, stress levels, how many steps a person has taken, and how many calories are burned. The accelerometer and gyroscope both capture and read a person’s direction and movement. The band across the chest reads biological and physiological input.

“The ‘black box’ that collects and processes the information uses five connectors and contains a 3D accelerometer that captures intensity of movement based on three g-force measurements. PoloTech has a unique ‘second-skin’ fabric composition, and the sensors in the fabric stream information directly to an iPhone, [Apple Watch], or iPod Touch. The app reacts based on that immediate data. The app is compatible with the Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation and above, or iPhone with iOS 8 and up.”

The new technology of this Smart Shirt is able to monitor how a person is performing, and then determine how intense a person’s next workout needs to be. It is able to customize up to 10,000 workouts.

“The app, available free on iTunes, reacts and sets cardio, strength or agility workouts based on the data it collects… If your body can handle being pushed further, the training will amp up its intensity,” said Stephane Marceau, chief executive of OMSignal.

There are currently three customized workouts that users can utilize.

  • CARDIO: works core, burns fat and amps power
  • STRENGTH: puts focus on chest, back, legs, shoulders, triceps and biceps
  • AGILITY: designed to maximize quickness, precision and speed

“The Ralph Lauren PoloTech shirt will change the way you look at fashion and apparel. It will give you knowledge you can use to lead a better life,” said David Lauren, Executive Vice President of Global Advertising, Marketing and Corporate Communications. “This is a bridge between technology, fitness and style that approaches wellness and well-being in comprehensive and complementary ways. It will touch many parts of your life.”

Ralph Lauren tested this shirt last year at the US Open Tennis Tournament, but it wasn’t available to the public at that time.

Garter, a research firm, noted that in a report that smart garments netted a profit of around $1 million in 2013, and would be the fastest growing out of all electronic devices. The report predicts that by 2020, smart objects could bring in profits of over 4.97 billion.

“It would be foolish not to play in this game, it is where the world is going,” said Mr. Lauren. who is a son of company founder Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Tech Smart Shirt will go on sale on August 27 for $297 on the Ralph Lauren website, at a store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, and at a store at the US Open.

[Image via Shutterstock]