Sonja Morgan Slams Her Co-Stars After ‘RHONY’ Reunion: ‘The Girls Are Judgmental’

Sonja Morgan isn't happy with her co-stars these days. On the Real Housewives of New York reunion, Morgan was shocked to learn that the ladies were less than impressed with her former life. When Sonja brought up that she used to party with "John John" - who is John F. Kennedy - things got a little tense on the couches. JFK was a family member of Carole Radziwill and she didn't appreciate her talking about him as if Morgan was best friends with him.

But this is just one of the many criticisms that Sonja Morgan has gotten over time. All season long, Morgan has been defending her business ventures and her life decisions, but the ladies haven't been super supportive. As Morgan herself pointed out, she felt that Kristen Taekman was trying to bring her down by bringing up the toaster oven during an interview with the press.

According to a new Radar Online report, Sonja Morgan is now revealing that she is disappointed that her co-star - or friends - are so judgmental of everything she is doing. Of course, during the season, the ladies were very judgmental and critical of Morgan's business ventures, but everyone seemed excited for her during the fashion show. Morgan showed everyone that she had been working.

"I think the thing that bothered me the most about filming the reunion [and this past season] is the girls are very judgmental and critical of my past lifestyle that I had way before I married my ex husband," Sonja revealed, adding, "At the reunion, they pretend like I don't know the people I know, know the people I knew, or am going forward in my current social circle. They act like after my divorce, my standing and assets that I have worked very hard for are gone. They act as if I'm not living a wonderful lifestyle anymore with influential friends, contacts and clients."

According to the Inquisitr, many people have been waiting for Sonja to come out with her toaster oven, but nothing is happening. And some people believe that Morgan is only making an argument out of Kristen's comments to stay relevant. However, Sonja shares that her lifestyle brand will soon take over the world - possibly without a toaster oven.

"Anyone who has been to a Sonja and the City production or event clearly sees I haven't burned bridges with the social ties I have forged long before my marriage to a high profile American family," Sonja Morgan revealed, adding an apology to Carole, "I apologize to Carole for my private conversation with Dorinda back at our hotel room in Atlantic City about partying in the good old days with John John Kennedy. But honestly, for her to say that John John didn't party is simply not true. He had a very tight group of close friends that he enjoyed going out with. I was just reminiscing and didn't mean slight her."

What do you think about Sonja Morgan's comments? Do you think the ladies are too judgmental?

[Image via Glamour]