Join Mariah Carey On Getaway At A Favorite Retreat, No Reality TV Stars Allowed

Mariah Carey and new beau James Packer are no strangers to lavish living. Jet-setting to exotic locales and splurging on $10 million Malibu Beach houses off Airbnb is all in a regular day for this couple. Carey and Packer are known to enjoy the flavor of Italian life while taking in the beauty of its gorgeous southern shoreline on the Amalfi Coast. Jim Dobson of Forbes relays his own reasons for having a similar love for this Italian coast as that of Mimi and James.

“The Amalfi Coast is one of my favorite destinations in the world. It is an Italian landscape dotted with small towns dramatically perched between the rugged mountains and the azure sea.”

What a chance circumstance that this journalist of Forbes was able to not only take in the beautiful surroundings and culture that a trip to such a destination offers up, but also be joined by the diva herself, Mariah, and her new man.

“Spectacular villas and hotels drape themselves off the steep mountains with their rocky beaches below. From my exquisite stay at the Le Sirenuse in Positano, I grabbed a boat from the nearby beach to my longtime favorite island of Capri before ending my week in Sorrento. I found myself followed by Mariah Carey and her new boyfriend, billionaire James Packer everywhere I went, and purely by accident ended up discovering their magnificent luxury hideaway island retreat in Li Galli Island.”

Li Galli Island, a preferred retreat of Mariah and James; image via Forbes

Well, it would be a dream for many to be followed by Carey and Packer while on holiday — perhaps a bit surreal and even nerve-wracking — however, this communication from Dobson enlightens us all to the couple’s choice luxurious retreat that has been described as “magical,” and is certainly not only drenched in beauty but in history as well, while attracting the wealthy and fashionable to its shoreline.

Reports suggest that individuals who Mariah and James would not be keen to tour around with on holiday are stars of the reality world, however. While Carey was chatting during a press event during a trip to Israel, the superstar was candid with reporters on the subject of reality TV and the “stars” they produce. Billboard shares Mimi’s explanation.

“Some people’s goal is to be famous, not to have a craft or an art that they’re famous for. Today, you can be famous just from being on a reality … well, doing … you don’t really have to do much, but you kinda gotta do a lot. And then your whole life is just about being a celebrity and that’s what some people aspire to, because it’s easy and because then everybody knows them and all they see is the bright side of fame.”

Mariah is certainly a celebrity who has earned her fame by way of genuine and exceptional talent.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]