‘GTA V’ Rockstar Editor Will Arrive In Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (Finally!) In Next Major Update

Months after the Grand Theft Auto V(GTA V) Rockstar Editor saw the light in PC platforms, Rockstar finally gave the word that the Rockstar Editor will come to PlayStation and Xbox consoles, GameSpot reports.

One of the biggest features that came with GTA V when it was released in the PC platform almost two years after GTA V was officially made available to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was the Rockstar Editor. The GTA V Rockstar Editor is a tool included in GTA V that finally allows gamers to capture their gameplay and edit it in a creative and easy way. While this was only available to the PC port of GTA V when it first rolled out this year, GTA V players are rejoicing since Rockstar has confirmed — albeit silently — that Rockstar Editor will indeed come to Xbox and PlayStation consoles soon.

Rockstar Games quietly dropped the news in one of its blog posts announcing the winners of the #illgottengains Rockstar Editor contest. The Rockstar Editor contest encouraged thousands of GTA V players in the PC platform to “show off their luxury spoils” by creating a video through the Editor. At the end of the announcement of the winner and the runner-ups, Rockstar segued into the news that the Editor will soon roll out to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in an upcoming major update for the two new-generation consoles. Their post read as follows.

“Congrats again to all our winners and thanks to all our talented entrants. The upcoming launch of the Rockstar Editor for PS4 and Xbox One as the next update to Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online means the next Rockstar Editor Contest will be the first one with entries across all three platforms — so the creative competition will be fiercer than ever. Stay tuned for info about that contest and forthcoming update.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth, it is confirmed that the GTA V Rockstar Editor will come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when they finally roll out the major update for the consoles. But since no official announcement has been released by Rockstar, there is no specific date or time frame has yet been released for the rolling out of the GTA V Rockstar Editor in Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Speaking of the GTA V Rockstar Editor, below is the winner of the #illgottengains contest by Rockstar — and it’s a pretty amazing creation. GTA V players at the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console are surely getting excited about trying their hand at this phenomenal GTA V Editor. This is the perfect time for those at the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles to start thinking about upgrading, because the GTA V Rockstar Editor will not come to Xbox 360 and PS3.

[Image via Rockstar]