23-Year-Old Mother’s Shocking Confession: Suffocates Own Children Just For Attention

A 23-year-old Ohio mom suffocated her own sons just to get attention from her husband. Brittany Pilkington of Bellefontaine gave a shocking confession to authorities about how she suffocated her children, 3-month-old Niall, 4-year old Gavin, and another 3-month-old son, Noah. This shocking event came to light early Tuesday morning in April when Brittany called 911 to report her younger son’s inability to breathe. He was later pronounced dead at Mary Rutan Hospital.

In a related article by the Inquisitr,Brittany Pilkington killed her three sons because her husband paid too much attention to the boys and not enough attention to her or her 3-year-old daughter.

According to a CBS news report, Brittany admitted that she had suffocated her sons to help Hailey, 3, her only daughter among 3 boys, to gain more attention from Joseph, her father. According reports, she evidently believed that if the three boys were completely out of the picture, her husband will divert his attention to her.

In a more detailed report by the Examiner,Brittany confessed that she performed the murder by suffocating them with a blanket. All the 3 sons were killed over a period of 1 year. This method of killing has become so rampant that her neighbor, James Breaston, reported that each time the police showed up, he knew another baby was dead. In the event of the previous deaths, she never showed any sign of remorse or hurt, according to the same neighbor.

“The tragic deaths of Niall, Gavin, and Noah leave a pit in our stomachs today,” police Chief Brandon K. Standley said in a statement. “Our condolences go out to the remaining family members who have supported this family through a very difficult 13 months.”

The previous deaths of the two boys were not suspicious at the time and ruled an accident. Hailey and Noah had been in protective custody after the death of the first two sons. However, the children were returned to the bereaved family after the authorities could find no foul play. Brittany’s uncle, Joe Skaggs, has even questioned the above scenario by asking “Why would you give them back after a little boy just died?”


In the meantime, Hailey, their 3-year-old daughter and the only surviving child, has been placed with a county children’s welfare agency.

Brittany Pilkington is charged with three counts of murder and currently in custody, said police in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

What are your thoughts on this incident? Can a normal person commit such an act against her own family?

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