Heather Morris Reveals 2nd Pregnancy With Cute Baby Bump Pic, & ‘Glee’ Alum Pregnant Naya Rivera Congrats [Photos]

Heather Morris is pregnant, and the Glee star is gleeful about her news. Heather, 28, shared a photo of herself on Instagram that revealed Morris’ blossoming baby bump, reported Us Weekly.

“The Growing Hubbells” read the label, with the number 4 next to the baby bump picture.

Heather Morris shares her baby bump glee.

Almost as soon as Heather had uploaded her cute pregnancy announcement, Morris was receiving loving best wishes from her former Glee co-stars. And pregnant Naya Rivera was among the first one to express her own glee.

“SO exciting! Congrats @HeatherMorrisTV #thegrowinghubbells,” wrote Naya, who will be having her first child.

Although this is Heather’s second pregnancy, it will be her first baby since Morris got married to Taylor Hubbell in May. Their wedding took place at a ranch in California, and some of Heather’s Glee alum were present along with her family and pals.

Morris and Hubbell have a son, born in the Fall of 2013. And Heather is definitely a proud mom when it comes to little Eli’s progress.

“He can count to 10! And he’s drawing — he’s a smart kid,” boasted Morris.

Heather’s pal, Naya, also revealed her pregnancy in a cute way, reported ABC News.

Naya Rivera reveals her pregnancy.

Rivera, 28, surprised almost everyone when she married Ryan Dorsey, 31, soon after ending her relationship with rapper Big Sean.

Naya announced her pregnancy on social media as well.

“We’re having a baby! Ryan and I feel so blessed and can’t wait to welcome the newest member of our family,” revealed Rivera.

Naya and Ryan married last July, and this will be their first child, which means that her pal Heather can give her tips.

Actresses Heather Morris (L) and Naya Rivera are both pregnant.

Rivera’s been revealing her progress on her website. And Naya shows her sense of humor in describing how it feels to be pregnant.

“With my first trimester behind me, I was looking forward to the second phase,” wrote Rivera.

Noting that some call the second phase the golden months, during which pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue and bloating have ended, Naya admitted that she felt like a night out on the town, but then remembered she was pregnant.

“During my second trimester, I felt like the black cloud of extreme fatigue had lifted and I was 100 percent myself again. I was ready to hit the town in a cute outfit … Oh, but wait, I’m still pregnant,” she joked.

As the Inquisitr reported, at one point Naya served as guest co-host on The View. Rivera so impressed the producers that she was considered for one of the then-vacant chairs.

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