January 23, 2017
Shooting The Tube: A New Utah Trend For Teens [Video]

Teenagers in Salt Lake City in Utah decided to make their own water park, and now shooting the tube is a popular pastime, as they make use of a huge metal drainage pipe running under the freeway to have some summer water fun.

According to CBC, this is nothing new and youngsters in the Tanner Park area of Salt Lake City have been shooting the tube in this way for years. However, one YouTube member, Josh Dance, recently uploaded a video showing how its all done and the video is growing in popularity.

Shooting the tube
Getting ready to slide

The Mirror Online reports that basically what the kids do is to create a temporary dam at the opening to the aqueduct that runs under the freeway in order to stop the normal, relatively small amount of water passing through as they prepare for their epic water slide.

Shooting the tube
Building the damOnce they figure the water level is high enough to shoot the tube, they gather all their suitable inflatable toys, get poised ready for the action, then knock down their dam to let the water rush through the tunnel.

Shooting the tube
Coming out the other side

No one mentions the possible risks involved, whether from contaminated water or exposed nuts and bolts inside the tube, but as we all know, teenagers are invincible and indestructible.

It certainly looks like a whole load of fun as the teens ride the crest of the wave, shooting the tube through the drainage tunnel under the freeway and coming out the other side.

Shooting the tube
Fun was had by all

Dance uploaded his video to YouTube on August 18, showing exactly how they achieve their shooting the tube aims and and it's already received over 36,000 views.

Readers, bearing in mind we don't know exactly where that water originally came from, would you enjoy shooting the tube in this way? Let us know below.

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[Images: Screengrabs from YouTube video by Josh Dance]