OkCupid Account Linked To Josh Duggar: ‘I Have A Hard Time Apologizing When I’m Wrong’

With Ashley Madison accounts that appear to belong to Josh Duggar revealed, it was only a matter of time before the same usernames were found on other sites too. In one case, an email linked to the Ashley Madison account reportedly belonging to Duggar has been located as a screen name on another dating site — OkCupid. Here, the account owner (possibly Duggar) answers numerous questions about how he feels about a wide variety of issues, sexual and otherwise.

It’s not certain that the account is his — Gawker discovered the account, which shares a username with an email address associated with an Ashley Madison account that was paid for with a credit card in Josh Duggar’s name and with an address matching his. That’s quite a chain of connections, but a handful of details in the profile make it seem likely — and if it’s him, how he answered some of the questions on the site is quite telling.

The Gawker article linked above gives a few reasons the profile matches Josh: the way he describes himself, as a Christian employed in politics, who avoids alcohol and drugs. On the other hand, the photo is definitely not Josh (though it’s an easily googled image anyone could nab to stay anonymous — it appears to come from Daddycatcher’s Catch of the Day) and he describes himself as a single college graduate — none of which matches the eldest Duggar son.

Looking at the question and answer session used to match date seekers with potential mates, patterns are similar. There are a number of questions that joesmithsonwa answers in the same way that Josh could be expected to (if he was being honest, which, of course, on a dating site, isn’t necessarily a realistic expectation).

This matches Josh Duggar's public position.
Is this Josh Duggar's answer?
This also sounds like Josh Duggar

Of course, so far we know that both Josh Duggar and joesmithsonwa are conservative Christians who aren’t okay with gay people having kids and don’t believe that atheists have a moral compass. That…well, that doesn’t actually narrow it down much. There’s a hefty percentage of America that would agree with all of the above.

Is it Josh Duggar?

Of course, Josh is the eldest of his siblings — but that still narrows it down only a little. The biggest factor in linking the profiles is the screen name, which isn’t so uncommon that a coincidence is impossible, but is uncommon enough that a coincidence seems like a reach.

Still, a match isn’t confirmed.

However, if the profile can be, at some point, confirmed as definitely belonging to Josh, what follows are some of the most interesting responses, in light of the views he has professed so publicly and politically.

Did Josh Duggar have a profile demanding premarital sex?
Josh Duggar's parents would not approve.
If this is Josh Duggar he just confessed...

Okay, perhaps these are evidence that the profile’s shared name is pure coincidence…but if not, this could be read as a confession. It certainly doesn’t match with what Josh preaches, or what his parents do.

The next one is creepy and uncomfortable, but unlike the previous three, not outside the range of the Gothardite beliefs in which Josh was raised.

Does Josh Duggar believe he has a right to sex, or is this someone else?

After the molestation scandal came to light, it wasn’t the guilty party, but his parents and sisters who spoke out on national news. In light of that, this answer on the profile is interesting.

Profile linked to Josh Duggar usernames

Oh, and there’s this:

What does Josh Duggar think of reality tv?

Again, the biggest key linking the two is the screen name, and we’ve probably all typed in a wanted screen name somewhere only to find it already taken — which demonstrates clearly that it’s certainly possible for two or more people to independently think up the same one. However, this one is fairly unique and doesn’t seem to show up much of anywhere else.

As more information surfaces, someone (or multiple people) who interacted with joesmithsonwa will likely come forward, and at some point, we may learn for certain whether the profile does belong to Josh Duggar. If so, he may have quite a bit to explain.

[Image via: TLC Screenshot]