WWE Rumors: Executive May Have Spoiled Location Of 'WrestleMania 33' -- WWE Responds

WWE is prepping for a huge weekend with a four-hour SummerSlam and a big NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. They're also probably starting on the long-term plans for WrestleMania 32 in Dallas next year, but what about WrestleMania 33? It's far too early to begin thinking about plans and matches for it, but an executive for the Minnesota Vikings may have spoiled a huge piece of news and it's the possible location of the big event in 2017.

As reported by Vikings.com, Lester Bagley, the Vice President of Public Affairs for the Minnesota Vikings, spoke about the team's new stadium that was being built. It's a $1 billion structure that is going to be called US Bank Stadium, and it's said to be state of the art.

During the video, Bagley speaks on a number of sporting events that are already lined up and could end up happening in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"Before the building is even open, we have already secured the Super Bowl in 2018, the NCAA basketball Final Four in 2019. We are a finalist and seem to be in a very good position to secure the college football playoffs, the BCS Championship game and you know we've got WrestleMania coming."
That's a very impressive list of events that the new stadium has planned, but the WrestleMania announcement is odd. It's odd because WWE has not even revealed the city that will host the next huge Pay-Per-View.

Back in January, WWE announced that Dallas' AT&T Stadium would be hosting WrestleMania 32. It's usually around the beginning of the year that WWE always announces the next location so it is odd that Bagley can say Minneapolis already has it coming.

Now, Bagley may have spoiled a future WrestleMania location and not the one in 2017, but that would be some long-term planning already in place. If WWE hasn't even announced the location for that year, it's doubtful they've decided on years after that.

With the slip-up or spoiler or announcement or whatever it was that Bagley gave, WWE did find it necessary to release a statement.

"Minneapolis is one of the many cities that has expressed an interest in hosting a future WrestleMania. Beyond WrestleMania in Dallas, TX on April 3, 2016, locations for future WrestleMania's have not been announced."
This weekend is going to be one of the biggest of the year for WWE with the SummerSlam Experience, NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, and SummerSlam. Worrying about a WrestleMania event that is almost two years away isn't on their mind right now, and those in Minneapolis had better tread lightly and watch their words if they want any chance at hosting it.

[Image via WWE]