‘Candy Crush’ Comes Pre-Installed On Windows 10: How To Remove The Game

Candy Crush has quickly become one of the most popular gaming apps on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. It’s so popular that Microsoft decided to include the pre-installed app on its new Windows 10 operating system.

For fans of the beloved game, this is good news. However, those who don’t like to play Candy Crush or don’t have time to play games may not want the application sitting on their computers.

Microsoft will launch Windows 10 in the next few days, and there have already been rave reviews and complaints about the new and exciting operating system. Users who were able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free already reported the list of problems, including pre-installed apps like Candy Crush Saga from King. This popular game joins the ranks of classic games like Hearts, Minesweeper, and Solitaire. However, there are some users who want Candy Crush removed from their Windows 10 computers.

Removing Candy Crush is not as easy as deleting the application and hoping that it will go away. There are some users who will argue that this is not true and claim that Candy Crush Saga is not a pre-installed app, and it can be simply removed by right-clicking the application on the Start Menu and selecting uninstall. But this method doesn’t work for the rest of the Windows 10 users out there.

If you have trouble uninstalling Candy Crush Saga from your Start Menu, then you can follow the directions from a member named Superuser over at Tech News Today.

It’s no secret that millions of users love playing Candy Crush Saga on their smartphones. However, it’s not a perfect app, as it will come with a plethora of bugs and issues. Some users have experienced slow loading and timer problems with the application, as reflected by the complaints on social media, tech forums, and the app’s review section.

That’s why King decided to bring the latest version of Candy Crush Saga for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod on Tuesday, August 18. Version 1.57.0 not only corrects bug issues and fixes, but it also includes a new Soda Swamp episode with 15 new levels. Candy Crush also rolled out the release for Android users, so they’re not left out in the dark.

However, to complete all of the levels in Candy Crush Saga, you have to pay the full $0.99. You can complete all of the levels by paying the $0.99 or logging into the game through Facebook and asking your friends or family to unlock the game. Most people hate receiving game requests on the social networking site, so there is another way to unlock the game.

As previously reported via The Wiire, you can unlock the episode by enabling Airplane mode on your phone. Then exit out of the app and launch it again. When you start the game, you will be able to play the quests.

If you’re an avid lover of Candy Crush Saga, then you know that it is free to play. However, there are in-game purchases you will need to make, especially when it comes to playing the levels. Unlocking is another way for you to enjoy the game without making any in-game purchases. There are blogs and videos dedicated on ways to unlock the achievements in the game.

If you use Windows 10, did you notice the pre-installed Candy Crush app? Are you a Candy Crush Saga lover? If so, share your experiences below in the comments section.

[Image: Lee Davy/Flickr]