'Gainesville': New CMT Reality TV Show Set To Premiere Tonight About Florida's Young Adults

Gainesvlle: Friends Are Family is a new reality series that is coming to the CMT channel tonight. Gainesville, is also known as Gainesville 2015. Local Florida filmmakers wanted to bring the city of Gainesville to television, and they are doing just that with the debut of their new reality show. Gainesville will follow a group of young people who also happen to be good friends. It promises to show the good the bad and the ugly, as the members of the group find out what it's like being an adult. Problems with money and issues in their personal relationships seems to be the show's main focus.The half-hour television series stars Austin Alonso, Brian Bunting, Shelby Bunting, Beth DeSimone, Kerryn Garcia, Andreya Giansanti, and Kenny Szupello. Gainesville is produced by CMT productions and Wheels Off Entertainment.

Despite the buzz surrounding the show's premiere, not everybody is happy about it. In fact, local residents have put together a petition to stop CMT's Gainesville TV show from airing, stating that it doesn't give a true picture of what the real Gainesville is like, and that some of the cast members are not local. There are also complaints that the show is trashy and features people who have criminal records, with offenses such as DUIs, according to News 4 Jax.

Old CMT viewers believe it's okay to show real people and real rednecks in a good way, but they draw the line at seeing sex, violence, trash talk, and butt naked people with no morals on every show. Here are a few comments from CMT's Facebook page.

"Oh cmt no longer about music, just trash television."

"So true Chewy I don't watch CMT no more since ya'll took the dukes off, put the Dukes back on & i'll be watching ya'll again tell then no way."

Aside from those few grumblings, everyone else seems to be geared up and ready to see the new kids of Gainesville. Be prepared to see some local Gainesville hotspots, as well.

Tonight you'll meet Beth, a girl with a strong desire to go to college but can't afford it. Then there is Andreya, whose real name is Andrea Giansanti, a 26-year-old former Texan who doesn't take any mess. Her strong work ethic and sharp tongue are forces to be reckoned with. Brian, who is originally from West Palm Beach, has been in Gainesville since the age of 20. According to Brian, he's an avid fisherman and hunter, and is also a self-proclaimed "naughty boy." His friends say he's a funny guy with a big heart, but allows his anger and his alcohol to get the best of him. You can watch Gainesville tonight after Party Down South at 10/9 p.m. central on CMT.

CMT's tease and trailer for Gainesville 2015.

"Living in Gainesville, Florida, our 20-something cast leans on one another as they navigate work, love and the complicated nature of lasting friendships. This dramatic, comedic and life affirming docu-series follows seven young singles as they struggle to make something of themselves while never forgetting to let the good times roll."
Take a Gainesville sneak peek, as well.
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