Woman On Woman Rape Victim Finds No Support From Friends, Boyfriend, Or Even Therapist

Rape is almost exclusively thought of as an act committed by men, and being that rape is also generally thought of as an act of power and not sexual desire, it also tends to carry with it a masculine identity.

But sometimes women do commit rape, with female on female sexual assaults being among the most unrecognized crimes committed, while at the same time creating some of the “most isolated of crime victims.”

Such is the case with an anonymous female rape victim who not only suffered being sexually assaulted and raped by another (physically overpowering) woman, but also had to suffer the nonchalant reactions she received from her friends, boyfriend, and even her therapist, when she told them about the brutal incident, reports the Daily Mail.

The woman-on-woman rape victim remains anonymous, but detailed the sexual assault, which occurred at a party “organized through a private women’s friendship group on Facebook,” in a story in xoJane.

The evening started off well enough for the anonymous woman, with she and the other solely female guests prepared to have a relaxing evening with their female pals, some drinks, and everyone sleeping over.

But soon a red flag was raised for the anonymous victim when she struck up a conversation with a woman she hadn’t met before. This woman, who would ultimately rape her, soon shifted their talk toward their love lives, the anonymous woman (and ultimate victim) revealing that she and her husband’s marriage was “on the rocks” and that they hadn’t been having sex.

“But, you’re so sexy. You deserve to have sex,” the female rapist-to-be replied, with a hint of “longing” in her eyes.

Shortly thereafter the female rapist-to-be called the anonymous woman into the bathroom, unexpectedly locked the door, and set into motion a woman-on-woman sexual assault and rape.

According to the anonymous woman, her attacker outweighed her by 100 pounds and was much taller, making any fight she put up futile. Her attacker violently ripped off her panties and covered her nose and mouth with her hand, pushing harder on the victim’s face every time she tried to scream.

The rape continued until the other women at the party began searching for the two and the female rapist finally “spooked,” saying, “Shhhh. Let’s leave one after another so they don’t suspect anything,” leaving the anonymous victim “shell shocked.”

But little did the anonymous rape victim know that this would be just the beginning of the confusion and pain she’d be feeling following her attack, as she quickly realized no one was really going to do anything about it.


Despite telling her friend, who in turn told the hostess of the women’s party what had happened, the female rapist was allowed to stay the night, the other women seemingly having no idea what to do about the situation.

In the months following her being raped by another female, the anonymous victim would lose touch, be ignored, and defriended by the other women that had been at the party. And, in the end, she came to the profound realization that people either didn’t care, or didn’t know how to deal with her story.

“Perhaps the most disturbing effect of my rape, though, was how people treated my story. Those I confided in seemed completely unimpressed by the seriousness of the matter — from my friends, to my therapist, to my then-boyfriend… These people are generally progressive and compassionate people, but they couldn’t seem to grasp the terrible brutality of the rape because my rapist was a woman. I asked an acquaintance on the police force for advice who counseled me not to even bother filing a report, since the assaulter was a woman and there would be no evidence. I took him at his word… Exhausted and frightened by the entire ordeal, I never reported it formally, feeling as if there would be no point in doing so.”

The fact that the anonymous victim’s sexual attacker and rapist is still out there has left the the rape victim feeling not only void of any closure, but also grimly aware that other women may be suffering similar sexual attacks, the rape victim concluding, “I am still afraid to this day that she preys on other women at parties completely undetected, due to our preconceptions about femininity.”

[Image by Spencer Platt, Getty Images]