‘GTA V’ Story DLC Teasers Too Good To Be True

Sometimes, news reporters have to break tragic stories, and this time is no exception – there are no credible indications of a GTA V story DLC. The rumors were started when GTA voice actors Shawn Fonteno and Ned Luke posted a series of photos to social media. The two actors voice Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa respectively. The photo series, entitled “Straight outta…” was themed to celebrate Ice Cube’s new film Straight Outta Compton and encouraged other users to post similar pictures. The GTA V community took this to be a subtle hint that a new story DLC was soon to be released, with Neurogadget reporting the rumors and a Wikipedia page emerging detailing the upcoming release of a GTA DLC called “Grove Street Stories.”

It all sounded very convincing, possibly because all of us were so desperate to believe it. The GTA V community is one of the largest in gaming, with the online version once being described as “everyone’s favourite sandpit.” A combination of the franchise’s huge market penetration and keen desire from the GTA community have combined to create a rumor mill so potent that a fully fledged Wikipedia article appeared, prompting reports of the new DLC on a raft of diverse sites and blogs. According to the iDigital Times, the Wikipedia page included a fulsome and official sounding description of the new GTA V content.

“… A new updated version to Grand Theft Auto V will include a single player expansion pack called Grove Street Stories (not yet confirmed), set before all three characters met in North Yankton. The release date has been published to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for two weeks then Xbox One and PC which will receive it on 22 September 2015 at 10 AM GMT.”

While this all sounds pretty good, there are a couple of things wrong with it. Firstly, the three characters don’t meet in North Yankton or anywhere near it, and secondly, the whole page has since been taken down.

Then there’s the deafening silence coming from Rockstar, the makers of GTA V. There is no hint of any kind of official acknowledgement or announcement from the gaming giant, either on their website or anywhere else. While some wishful thinkers might like to interpret this as secrecy, it’s much more reasonable to see it as an indication that the rumors are just that: rumors. So no GTA V story DLC – we don’t say “not ever,” and we really hope this isn’t the case, but the flimsy foundation for the rumors and the total silence from Rockstar makes us reluctantly conclude that no GTA V story updates are coming any time soon.

[Image via iDigital Times/Twitter]