‘Silence Of The Lambs’ House For Sale: Would You Dare Buy Buffalo Bill’s House?

Yet another famous house is up for sale, and this one is pretty interesting. The Silence of the Lambs house is up for sale – Buffalo Bill’s house to be exact.

The Victorian home, located in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, is a 1.76-acre lot with an asking price of $300,000, as the Wall Street Journal reports.

The Silence of the Lambs house’s basement was where Buffalo Bill, a psychotic serial killer, kept his victims, giving them lotion to make their skin soft before he killed and skinned them.

The 1991 thriller starred Jodi Foster as Clarice Starling, a young FBI agent who is assigned to work with famed cannibalistic serial killer and psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter, played by Anthony Hopkins, in order to catch Buffalo Bill.

Current owners of the house, Barbara and Scott Lloyd, both 63 years old, said they owned the Silence of the Lambs home for decades, but they are ready to move on from it.

The couple bought the house in December 1976, and they were married in February the following year right in the foyer of their home. But how did the Lloyds’ home become the famous Silence of the Lambs setting?

Speaking to Trib Live, the couple said that they received a knock on their door one night while they were having dinner in 1989. To their surprise, it was a movie producer who was looking for film locations and she wanted to take pictures of their home. The production team then decided that the Lloyd home would be perfect for Buffalo Bill’s lair. Barbara explained what the production wanted.

“They were looking for a home in which you entered the front door and had a straight line through. They wanted it to look like a spider web, with Buffalo Bill drawing Jodie Foster into the foyer, into the kitchen, then into the basement.”

The scenes showing the Silence of the Lambs house was shot in only three days, but the production members prepared it to be the gruesome lair it was for six weeks before filming started.

“It’s rather bittersweet. We got married in this home, we raised our son in this home, but we are ready to move on.”

On a listing on Realtor, details of the home are provided. Buffalo Bill’s house features four bedrooms, a full bathroom, a four-car garage, hardwood flooring, and a pool. It was built in 1910 and has a Victorian style.

The house has a basement, too, but if you’re worried about what you might find there, fret not. Buffalo Bill’s victims have long been gone and there are no skeletons left in the closet. All you’re going to find in the basement is a laundry room.

Realtor Dianne Wilk thinks that the house is “just so cool.” Wilk also said that she wouldn’t be surprised if a buyer would turn Buffalo Bill’s house into a horror bed and breakfast.

“People love to be scared. I could see somebody doing something fun with this.”

Silence of the Lambs made $272.7 million in the box office with a budget of $19 million to make the film. The movie won several awards, including five on the 64th Academy Awards – Best Actor for Anthony Hopkins, Best Actress for Jodie Foster, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director for Jonathan Demme, and Best Picture.

Meanwhile, see the video below to relive what happened in the basement of the Silence of the Lambs house.

[Image via Realtor]