Zayn Malik’s Mental Health Questioned: Insider Speaks

The past five weeks have been especially angry for Zayn Malik, and now insiders report that Zayn may be in the midst of mental health crisis.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr on Aug. 8, Zayn Malik has been in the process of burning a lot of bridges. Rumors show that Zayn Malik might be moving to Hollywood — and he started showing signs of severing ties with his old life around mid-July.

Although the Irish Mirror did a timeline of Zayn Malik’s “descent into unpopularity” on Aug. 18 — they left out a few details.

Around July 15 was when Zayn Malik turned on his “friend” Naughty Boy. It was also around this time that Zayn Malik broke up with his long-time fiancee, Perrie Edwards, but the press would not find out this information until a couple of weeks later.

Worse, it was revealed by insiders that Zayn Malik broke up with her via text despite the fact that they were in Los Angeles at the same time. Sadly, things have only escalated for Zayn Malik over the month of August — and it goes beyond a questionable opinion about the Minions movie.

Hollywood Life reports on Aug. 18 that insiders close to Selena Gomez told them that “Selena has always been cool with Zayn. She’s even considered collaborating with him, but now she’s having major second thoughts after he dissed Taylor [Swift].”

Interestingly, Hollywood Life points out that this was before Zayn Malik got into it on Twitter with Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris.

Adding to angry interactions involving Zayn Malik over mid-August, it is alleged that he almost got into a fight with Tyga — and it might have led him to getting kicked out of Kylie Jenner’s birthday party.

The Mirror reports on August 18 that insiders said, “[Tyga] got in Zayn’s face, asking him what he was doing, trying to pull a girl who’s clearly already taken. They almost came to blows, with Khloe’s boyfriend James [Harden] breaking the two up.”

In conclusion, some in the media think Zayn Malik is “turning into Chris Brown” or a “mean girl.” Unfortunately, all of the headlines are a warning sign to at least one remaining friend of Zayn Malik that suspects Zayn may be heading towards a mental health crisis.

On August 19, the Daily Mail reported the following.

“An old friend revealed to the newspaper’s Dan Wootton: ‘He is self-destructing right now and I hope he’s got someone there fore him. I doubt he has, though, so that’s why I’m worried for him… He’s p***ing off so many people, it’s very hard to see him having much support left by the time he’s finally ready to release any music. He has gone power crazy. You can blame other people like his new management but really it’s him.'”

[Feature image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images]