James A. Flannery: 59-Year-Old Pizza Driver Takes Deadly Order [Video]

Pizza delivery driver James A. Flannery was a 59-year-old employee of Papa John’s in Columbus, Ohio. On July 30, 2015, the company received orders just like every night. But on this night, a pizza order was placed with malicious intent. Unbeknownst to Flannery, it would be his last delivery.

As reported by WBNS-10TV, the pizza driver was delivering an order near a vacant house within the vicinity of Weyburn Road and Kenaston Drive. Once at the intersection, the caller — Sir Jeffrey Scott Carroll, Jr., age 18 — and two other suspects allegedly ambushed James in an attempted robbery. It was at that moment that one of them fired a shot into the driver’s chest. While shot, Flannery attempted to go back to Papa John’s. However, he couldn’t make it. James’ gun shot wound was too severe.

The pizza driver crashed his van somewhere along the intersection of Kimberly Parkway and South Hamilton Road where paramedics found him, says 10TV. Although James was rushed to the hospital, he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

James A. Flannery - 59-Year-Old Pizza Driver Takes Deadly Order [Video] - Papa John's

But according to WCMH-4, it was the most-recently apprehended suspect, Latrell Richey — age 20, that pulled the trigger. He was arrested on August 18, 2015, as reported by the source. Regardless, he is being charged with the murder of James A. Flannery.

WBNS spoke with pizza driver’s brother, Steve Flannery. He didn’t think the suspects would be apprehended in such a timely manner. He’s still baffled at the notion that someone shot and killed his brother over a few dollars and a pizza. 10TV mentioned as follows.

“He recalls James as someone who would have been the first person to help if someone was in need. He is survived by a sister and younger brother.”

What are your thoughts about the deadly pizza delivery incident? Do you know anyone, personally, who is a driver? Do they worry about similar possible-scenarios? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Video Credits: WBNS-10TV ; Photo Credits: Twitter]