First Day Of School Interview: 4-Year-Old Is Not Sure How He Feels About Going To Pre-K

A first day of school interview did not end as the reporter intended when she questioned a 4-year-old about going to Pre-K, as he was being dropped off by his mom.

It’s that time of the year — many first days of school are already happening all over the country. As parents and kids get ready to go to kindergarten, high school, or college, there are mixed emotions on both parts, and it was no different for this pre-schooler.

When a KTLA reporter was assigned to find out how kids were feeling on their first day of school, she didn’t expect to make one of them cry. But that’s exactly what happened in the video, which has gone viral.

It’s common for young children going to school for the first time to have strong emotions about being away from their parents, especially their moms, who generally take care of most of their needs. Andrew Macias is no different, but the adorable interview shows the young student breaking down when he is asked if he will miss his mom.

At first little Andrew said a convincing “no” to the question, but after thinking it over for a few minutes, he started to get upset, and then he began to cry. The reporter was clearly disturbed that her seemingly innocent question made the child weep, and tried to console Andrew.

The reporter, Courtney Friel, later took to Instagram saying how sorry she was to make Andrew cry on his first day of school.

“This breaks my heart and now I’m anxious about sending my kids to school! He was trying to be so brave!”

This breaks my heart and now I'm anxious about sending my kids to school! He was trying to be so brave!

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The first day of school interview has received a lot of attention in national and social media, as many parents can relate to high emotions during this time, where many send their kids off to school for the first time.

If you feel bad for little Andrew, be not afraid. His mom was right next to him and after the camera stopped recording, gave him a big hug.

Are you feeling anxious about your kids’ first day of school?

[Image via KTLA]