WWE News: Vince McMahon Now Consulting With Paul Heyman On WWE Creative Ideas?

Vince McMahon took what he learned from his father, Vince McMahon Sr., and built an empire. The WWE is the leader in sports entertainment and professional wrestling. Since World Championship Wrestling folded, the WWE hasn’t had major competition. Also, WWE has only gotten larger since that day, as well.

To add onto McMahon’s genius, Brock Lesnar appeared on ESPN yesterday and believes that McMahon is a better promoter than Dana White, the president of the UFC. Lesnar’s exact quote was, “The business model is the same,” Lesnar said of the two companies. “It’s identical, and I think Vince McMahon is better at it than Dana. And that might rub Dana the wrong way.”

McMahon, who’s always been the master of WWE Creative, has had famous ideas. For example, the entire Attitude Era was from the idea of McMahon. His feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin became one of the greatest feuds in sports entertainment history.

Behind every master is a crew of smart people who assist in ideas, especially in the WWE. McMahon’s had Jim Ross, Vince Russo, Kevin Dunn, and one revolutionary figure in the WWE. Paul Heyman, the creator of ECW, returned to the WWE full-time in 2012 with CM Punk. On top of being wildly respected in the WWE, his creative ideas are, too. According to Daily Wrestling News, one top WWE official goes to Heyman about Creative ideas.

“Vince McMahon was recently seen consulting with Paul Heyman about a few WWE creative ideas. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise as Vince and Triple H have both consulted Heyman for advice at times in recent years.”

Rumors always fly about McMahon that he’s stubborn and listens to nobody. First, there’s no way that is accurate. McMahon can’t be successful on his own. When ECW failed, Heyman simply ran out of money. On top of that, he really was by himself in the creative process. McMahon’s never been alone.

Also, with great power comes great responsibility. Vince McMahon hasn’t gone away from respecting those who work with him. Despite all of the stories through the internet, nothing has ever been confirmed. Paul Heyman being respected by nearly everybody in the WWE is on the record.

His experience is over 30 years, and Paul Heyman may have the best wrestling mind in WWE history. Perhaps only Jim Ross can replicate his creativity. As for McMahon, that says a lot about his overall character to trust other people with major-WWE Creative decisions. Triple H feels the same way, so Heyman’s respect will not go unrecognized.

[Image via kingofwrestlingnews.net]