Lisa Vanderpump Shares Mission To Change The World: ‘We Don’t Need Your Money’ [Video]

Lisa Vanderpump may be dealing with more than enough drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules, including staying out of the drama with Kim Richards. But Vanderpump never has too little time when it comes to her own critters. In fact, Vanderpump adores her seven dogs, and she would do just about anything for them.

It is no secret that Lisa Vanderpump will do just about anything for her puppies. She has often taken additional dogs into her home and adopted them if they needed a home. But Vanderpump knows she can't save dogs around the world. So, Lisa and her husband are starting a charity in hopes people will help.

According to a new Bravo report, Lisa Vanderpump is now revealing that she and her husband Ken Todd are using their well-known platform for something great. This Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple are going all out to help puppies in need. And Lisa has now started her own charity to make this a reality.

"Together we can stop Yulin forever," Vanderpump and her husband have said, revealing that they have created a new charity called Stop Yulin Forever.

The goal of this new charity is to draw attention to the dog abuse that takes place at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China. It is no secret that Lisa adores her dogs, but Ken is just as passionate about this cause. In an emotional video made in the couple's home, Ken explains the severity of the situation and invites everyone to join their peaceful march on World Animal Day, October 4, to protest Yulin. Clearly, he really wants to change the entire attitude around the festival and what happens there.

"As a passionate dog lover and a person who has been an adamant supporter of our four legged friends, I have come to a place in my life where I have found that my seven dogs have become my actual children – each with their own voice, their own soul," Lisa Vanderpump reveals on the charity website, adding, "And they each hold a very special and dear place in my heart."

Lisa recently hosted a luncheon benefiting the Hero Dog Awards and the American Humane Association to show how important it is to help out where possible. It is important to note that the couple isn't asking for financial support here. They want you to spread the word and support them in their venture to end dog abuse in China.

"We do not need your money – just your support," she says, adding, "Together we can stop Yulin Forever."

What do you think of Lisa Vanderpump's new venture?

[Image via Bravo]