Liam Payne: Reasons For Lack Of Grace, Style?

Liam Payne has been using his time wisely to promote good causes, be a devoted boyfriend, and tour America with One Direction. However, the press believes that he has been slipping in a couple of ways in August — but does Liam Payne have good reasons for his lack of style and social grace?

Surprisingly quiet on social media, Liam Payne’s girlfriend, Sophia Smith, has given fans vital clues over the month of August about Liam’s potential whereabouts via her public Instagram account. Nevertheless, what might not be explained by Sophia are any instances of Liam Payne’s fading in the areas of sophistication.

Over the past year, Liam Payne has been recognized by groups of fans as being the “hottest” One Direction member. Regardless, it was perhaps due to the advice of an excellent stylist that gave Liam Payne his hotness edge.

Sadly, it is rumored that the stylist that helped Liam Payne and One Direction create their looks may have jumped ship when Zayn Malik left. According to a report by Twist Magazine on August 18, an insider to One Direction stylist Caroline Watson told the Sun the following.

“She’s told some of her close pals that she left to work with [Zayn Malik]… But after five years, it felt like her partnership with 1D had come to a natural end. The decision was made by the band, but the secrecy around her has led people to speculate whether Zayn ‘stole their girl’.”

Obviously, Liam Payne needs a stylist since, when he’s left to his own devices, he’s comfortable in tiger face paint and a diving suit. Liam Payne also might be feeling frustrated with the current stylist, since he recently tore Louis Tomlinson’s shirt off his back during a concert in Minneapolis.

On a serious note, Liam Payne may need an edge over the next year with his style, considering that he was recently dissed by Louis Walsh about his ability to have a successful career outside of One Direction.

If Liam Payne and One Direction split in 2016 — he may also need someone to help him with his public relations staff, as well.

One obvious sign that Liam Payne may need better public relations staff is his recent comment to the media that was likely misconstrued and identified by some fans as being homophobic.

The BBC reports on August 19 the following about an incident where Liam Payne had to apologize for coming across as homophobic at a One Direction show in Columbus, Ohio.

“[This song] is about trying to find that number one woman in your life, which none of you can relate to because most of you are girls… Except the boys, you know what I’m talking about.”

True Liam Payne fans know that One Direction is a supporter of LGBTQ rights. After chumming around with Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson (who was later outed for homophobic comments), Liam Payne made sure to stress to the media that he was a supporter of LGBTQ people and causes.

[Featured image via Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images]