Amber Rose’s Name And Image Used To Lure Women Into Prostitution, LAPD Now Investigating

If there’s one thing that people don’t want to hear about themselves, it’s that they’re being used in a prostitution ring. But that’s exactly what Amber Rose learned when it was discovered that a company was using her name and her likeness without her knowledge to lure aspiring models into prostitution.

Gossip site TMZ reported that police are investigating a company that’s allegedly looking for models “for a paid celebrity photoshoot and clothing line.”

The advertisement, which was posted on Instagram, asks “hot babes” to email in their information and three photos. They would eventually be contacted and the company would reportedly tell the model that Amber Rose was one of those choosing the models. A FaceTime session would then be scheduled between the model and the 31-year-old hip-hop model.

When the model called for the alleged FaceTime session, she would see Amber looking like she was talking to the model. She would then appear to be struggling with a bad internet connection, the feed would get choppy and eventually be disconnected. However, what the unsuspecting model didn’t know was that the company was using an old Ustream video of Amber Rose.

It’s quite an interesting ruse that establishes a sort of legitimacy for the company and would undoubtedly be useful in luring women into a false sense of security.

Incidentally, Amber Rose herself called out a scam in a tweet she sent over the weekend. She warned her fans that emails or texts from a Gmail account using her name were fake. She added that the scammers were FaceTiming her fans with an old UStream she did. She called the people behind it as “tricky f***s” but “very creative tho.”

It’s not clear if this was in connection with the prostitution scam or if it was something else entirely.

The tricksters looking for models were said to contact those who applied and set them up “on dates with rich guys,” adding that if they were willing to be intimate with the men, it would allegedly help them land bigger projects and maybe even work with Amber Rose.

Luckily, one of the models who applied had enough sense to smell a rat and went to the LAPD on Monday to file a police report. She claimed that the company was trying to solicit her into joining a prostitution ring.

The LAPD is said to be currently investigating the report. There’s also no word yet if Amber Rose would be taking legal action against the unnamed company.

[Image by Jason Merritt, Getty Images]