Armed Robbery Attempt Caught On Video Shows Victim Fighting Back — Shooting One Of The Criminals 5 Times [Video]

An armed robbery attempt captured on surveillance video left one gunman shot five times in the chest and the victim wounded, as well. Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies said the owner of CAD Auto Parts, in Oakland Park, Florida, shot one of the armed robbers shortly after he was pistol-whipped and thrown to the ground.

According to the arrest report, 39-year-old shop owner, Andrew Hepburn, was sitting in his office shortly before the robbery took place. Conrad Bloomfield, 36, and another man drove to CAD Auto Parts in a gray 2012 BMW. Bloomfield looked into the office and then walked away. Shortly after, the second man peered into the office and told the shop owner, “Sorry, wrong address.”

Surveillance video caught the entire robbery attempt, showing a man walk back into the office and at gunpoint order store owner Andrew Hepburn to the ground. Deputies said Bloomfield pistol-whipped Hepburn when he took too long to lie down on the ground.

Bloomfield fumbled around as he tried to go through Hepburn’s pockets. The video shows Bloomfield stomping on Hepburn’s back and legs in an effort to keep him down on the ground.

The armed robber is shown grabbing Hepburn’s arms trying to keep them behind his victim’s back. While Bloomfield tried to hold Hepburn down, the other gunman looked as though someone was distracting him.

As the attempted robbery went on, Hepburn struggled with Bloomfield and managed to get his gun. As Bloomfield screamed for help, shop owner Hepburn threw Bloomfield to the ground and shot the criminal five times in the chest. Hepburn then proceeded to pistol-whip the villain while he lay on the ground.

WPLG reports deputies said the second gunman shot a bullet in Hepburn’s chest, while trying to escape the crime scene by running out of the store. The surveillance video shows another unidentified victim, who was sitting inside the auto garage, run after the unknown gunman.

According to the arrest report, the unidentified gunman left in the BMW. Deputies believe a third person drove the getaway car. Hepburn and Bloomfield were taken to Broward Health Medical Center, where they are recovering. Conrad Bloomfield was arrested and charged of attempted murder and attempted armed robbery.

The robbery and shootings were reported just before 1 p.m. at Northwest 17th Terrace and 29th Street.