Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Dez Bryant Punched In Face During Fight With Rams -- Will He Miss Any Time?

The Dallas Cowboys have been practicing with the St. Louis Rams this week, and on Tuesday, a fight broke out between the two teams. It wasn't just a fight, it was a huge brawl that involved a lot of people. One of those included in the melee was wide receiver Dez Bryant, and he ended up getting punched in the face, but will he miss any time?

The fight happened during their combined training camp practice, and it got ugly really quick. It ended up spilling all over the field and a lot of players and coaches got involved in it. As CBS Sports reported, it was so big that Bryant actually ran over and got involved.

cowboys rams fight

Dez Bryant sprinted over to the field and ran right into the middle of the big brawl. Things didn't go so well for him as he ended up getting punched right in the face, and it was caught on camera too.

cowboys rams fight dez bryant punched

As you can tell by the picture, Bryant ran right into the middle of the scrum without a helmet on. Going into the fight was the first problem, but going into the fight without a helmet on was an even bigger one.

Bryant hopped on Twitter on Tuesday evening and decided to tweet about the fight. The tweet by the Dallas Cowboys' star wide receiver was quickly deleted, but not before plenty of people took screenshots of it and remembered what it said.

"I wish I would have cheap shot his a** then all of y'all would have seen the difference. You can't even put that sh*t on world star lol."

According to Pro Football Talk, this is the second year in a row that the Cowboys have gotten into a fight with players from another team during a joint practice. This one was worse though as it ended up being bigger and spilling over to the sidelines near the fans.

Dez Bryant appears to be alright after the punch to the face during the brawl with the St. Louis Rams, and won't miss any time. That's a huge difference from New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith who was punched by a teammate, suffered a broken jaw, and is out 6-10 weeks.

Bryant did lose an earring though, and it was found by a news crew.

Dez Bryant seems fine and hasn't let the punch to the face dampen his football spirits. The Dallas Cowboys still have a few joint practices left with the St. Louis Rams though, and it will be interesting to see if this brawl changes things up.

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