Ashley Madison Update: What To Do After The Hack

Now that the Ashley Madison hack has been confirmed as a real data dump via Ashley Madison users, as reported by the Inquisitr, people who fear that their names might be exposed beyond the dark web are likely freaking out. However, there are several things those people can do to calm down and assess the situation for how it stands in the wake of this latest huge Ashley Madison hack update.

First off, it helps to breathe. Even prior to two names being leaked in the initial mini-Ashley Madison hacked names publishing, folks were already threatening to kill themselves. If those are the thoughts that come along with this latest Ashley Madison hack, a call to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 (800) 273-8255 could be in order, seeing as though they are open 24 hours, seven days a week. The hacking update might appear bleak now, but it's not worth a person committing suicide over and taking themselves away from those who love them.

Secondly, stay abreast of the most recent information about the Ashley Madison hack update via Twitter. Knowledge is power, and finding out the latest happenings about the update can help the hacking victims uncover their next steps and give antsy minds something to do. That's where you'll learn whether it's best to cancel any credit card exposed via the last four-digit credit card numbers coupled with the email and addresses in order to try and prevent further identity violations.

Commiserate with others who are trustworthy and perhaps in the same boat. Loads of anonymous users of Ashley Madison can be found posting their feelings online, and even if posting anything is the last thing you want to do after being hacked, at least reading the posts from others might make you feel better.

Google your own email address or home address in quotes, such as "123 Lovers Lane" in order to discover if any listings beyond Zillow and the like appear for the address used in the hacking.

Use sites like Trustify's search engine to see if they've updated their search database with hacked Ashley Madison information. It's better that you know if your data has been exposed prior to anyone you love knowing your data has been exposed.

Finally, only confess to your loved ones about the Ashley Madison hacking if you feel that's the best route to take. Believe it or not, some stories that are totally huge to tech-minded folks might blow right by others. Sometimes it's best to confess to cheating, while other times it's best to learn the lesson, keep your mouth shut and prayerfully move forward.

[Image via Ashley Madison]