Ariel Winter Gets Support From Her ‘Modern Family’ Co-Star Sarah Hyland

When Sarah Hyland learned that her Modern Family co-star had taken the time to have a much-needed breast reduction surgery, Sarah wasn’t at all surprised by Ariel Winter’s decision. In fact, Hyland revealed that she had spoken to Winter about it often.

“It’s something we’ve been talking about for a long time,” Hyland said in an interview with E! News. “I’m super proud of her. I’m super happy for her.”

Ariel Winter revealed last week that she had undergone the breast reduction operation to reduce her breasts from a size 32F to a size 34D for multiple reasons. Aside from suffering humiliation at the hands of internet bullies, Ms. Winter revealed that the original size of her breasts had been creating physical problems.

“I had a lot of back problems. I really couldn’t stand up straight for a long period of time. It started to hurt so bad that I couldn’t take the pain,” said Ariel. “My neck was hurting so bad and I actually had some problems with my spine. I had been discussing my chest with doctors for many years, but when I finally said, ‘I’m thinking of doing this,’ he said, ‘Your back is going to thank you so much.'”

Hyland sympathizes with Ms. Winter and says that their similar body sizes gives her a unique perspective into the stresses Ariel’s body must be facing to compensate for the larger breasts.

“She’s a tiny girl. We’re practically the same size. I’m about a half of an inch or an inch taller than her and I can’t imagine carrying that weight. She’s happy and most of all, she is healthy. She’s glowing. As long as she’s healthy and happy, that’s all that matters to me. She’s always been a very happy little girl—oh, God, I will still [see] her as an 11-year-old in my eyes. She’s really like my little sister.”

Ariel decided to be open about her struggles and her decision to undergo the breast reduction surgery in the hopes that her experiences might benefit other teenage girls.

“I also think there’s some good that can come from [telling] my story. It’s something that I did to better my life and better my health, and I think that can benefit a lot of young girls. I have felt happier with myself than I ever have.”

Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland will rejoin the Modern Family cast, when the series returns for its season premiere on Wednesday, September 23, on ABC.

[Featured image: Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland courtesy of Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Teen Vogue]